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Tenor Fly was a British singer and rapper who rose to prominence in the ragga movement of the early 1990s.

Born Jonathan Sutter on 7 July 1967, Fly was a solo artist and later a member of Freestylers. Fly was active in the music business from 1988, and was best known for his work with other artists, such as Rebel MC, Top Cat, Barrington Levy and Sir Coxson Sound.[1]

Fly died suddenly on 17 June 2016.[2]

London label Nice Up! Records summed up Fly's life with a statement: "Without a doubt one of the legends of the soundsystem scene here in the UK and a talent that spread across the world. From dancehall, reggae and hip hop to jungle, his style and influence cannot be understated—an original roughneck rudeboy. Not only a consummate artist and performer, but a genuinely nice guy too. We don't use the term 'legend' lightly."


Note: selective listing


As lead/main artist
  • Tenor Fly Meets Congo Natty (with Rebel MC a.k.a. Congo Natty) (2003)
  • Tenor Fly Meets Top Cat – Two Veterans (with Top Cat) (2006)
As collaborating/featuring artist


  • "Roughneck Fashion", Blacka Dread (1989)
  • "No More Agony", Ghetto Clappers (1989)
  • "Town Ah Run Hot", Tribal Bass (1991)
  • "Pose Up", Fashion (1992)
  • "Sight Mi Nozzle", Gussie P (1993)
  • "Bright Side of Life" Mango (1994)
  • "Bump and Grine", 9LD (1994)
  • "Mi Darlin'", Gussie P (1994)
  • "Mind Weh Yu Seh", Fashion (1994)
  • "I Get My Kicks" 9LD (1995)
  • "Don't Dis The Jungle", Fashion, (1995)
  • "Sorry If I Hurt Your Feelings", 9LD (1996)
  • "Jah Give Me Energy", Kaya's Music (1998)
As collaborating/featuring artist
  • "Dance Hall Clash" with Daddy Freddy (1989)
  • "Culture"/"Coming on Strong" by Rebel MC (1990)
  • "Tribal Base" by Rebel MC (1991)
  • "The Wickedest Sound" by Rebel MC, Desire (1991)
  • "Tease Dem" with Top Cat, Fashion, 1994
  • "Let's Play" by Nerious Joseph, Big Orange (1995)
  • "Sunshine" by Nerious Joseph, Song Star (1995)
  • "Inna City" by Prizna (1995)
  • "Alaska Ride" by Blackstar (1996)
  • "B-Boy Stance" by Freestylers (1998)
  • "Tarantula" by Pendulum (2005)
  • "Born Again" by Rebel MC, Congo Natty (2010)
  • "Positive People" by BRAINS (2011)


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