Gyalsey Tenzin Rabgye

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Tenzin Rabgye (1638-96) and Attendants, Wall Painting, Late 17th century, zimkhang, Tango Monastery, Bhutan

Tenzin Rabgye (1638–1696) was the fourth Druk Desi (secular ruler of Bhutan) who ruled from 1680 to 1694. He is believed to have been the first to have categorized formally the zorig chusum (the thirteen traditional arts of Bhutan). In 1688, he renovated Tango Monastery, approximately 14 kilometres from Thimphu. In 1692, he was first formally categorized during the rule of Tenzin Rabgye (1680–1694), the 4th Druk Desi (secular ruler). In 1692, he visited the sacred cave of Taktsang Pelphug during the Tsechu season and founded a temple there devoted to Padmasambhava. The temple is known as Taktsang Lhakhang (the Temple of the Guru with Eight Names) and was completed in 1694.


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