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Teochew /tiˈ/ or Chiuchow /ˈ/ (潮州; peng'im: Dio⁵ziu¹ [ti̯o˥˥꜖꜖.tsi̯u˧˧]) is an area in eastern Guangdong, China which contains Chaozhou, Shantou (Swatow) and Jieyang cities under new administrative division of PRC government made to former Teochew prefecture established in Qing dynasty.

Teochew may also refer to:

  • Teochew dialect, a dialect of Southern Min Chinese, commonly used in eastern Guangdong and South East Asia
  • Teochew people, a group of people originating from eastern Guangdong which called Teochew prefecture in Qing dynasty
  • Teochew cuisine, a branch of Chinese cuisine created by Teochew people
  • Teochew opera, a branch of traditional Chinese opera originating from Teochew

The most common modern romanization for the characters is Chaozhou using Hanyu Pinyin. Teochew is a local romanisation of 潮州.

Chaozhou or Teochew may also mean:

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