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Teodor von Burg (Serbian Cyrillic: Теодор фон Бург, born January 26, 1993 in Belgrade) is a mathematics student from Serbia. He has won four gold medals, a silver, and a bronze medal in the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Teodor attended Matematička gimnazija, a specialized school for gifted and talented students of mathematics, physics and informatics located in Belgrade. However, most of his mathematical knowledge, Teodor owes to his private teachers, especially Prof. Dr. Vladimir Janković, his tutor for four and half years. As of October 2012, Teodor has been studying at Exeter College, Oxford University.[1]

In Serbia, Teodor holds several records with regard to mathematical competitions (both local and international) among students up to the age of 20 years: – the youngest competitor of the Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad, Balkan Mathematical Olympiad and International Mathematical Olympiad; – the most successful competitor of the Junior Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (4 medals: 2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze), Balkan Mathematical Olympiad (6 medals: 3 golds, 3 silvers) and International Mathematical Olympiad (4 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze); – first ever to win the absolute 1st place in the Balkan Mathematical Olympiad;[2] – the most successful competitor in the local competitions (57 mathematical competitions: 44 first, 11 second, and 2 third prizes).

In January 2010 Teodor was awarded the Saint Sava Award, for his contribution and commitment in the field of education.[3]

In September 2012 Teodor received the Charter of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts for his contribution in the field of Mathematics. Mathematical Faculty, Belgrade, Serbia Receiving the Charter of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

In October 2012 Teodor received the "Karić Brothers" Award, in the field of scientific and research work.[4] Receiving "The Karic Brothers Award" on October 8th, 2012.


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