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Teona Qumsiashvili

Teona Kumsiashvili (27 January 1984, Sioni urban village, Georgia - 22 July 2010, Mutso ravine, Georgia) was a Georgian poet, singer and composer of Pshav-Khevsureti region's songs.

She was called a "Mountain nightingale" because of her unique voice and original manner of singing.


She was born on Saint Nino's day (27 January 1984) in Sioni, Eastern Georgia.

During 2007-2010, Teona participated in different folk festivals in Georgia, such as "Khevsurian evening" (ხევსურული საღამო) and "АrtGene"(არტ-გენი).

Songs by Teona Kumsiashvili Rosa canina and On motive of Pshavi which have been written on Mariam Khutsurauli's verses became hits on social networks.[citation needed]

In the summer of 2007 she performed with the "Shavnabada Ensemble" at Inegol's folk festival in Turkey.

On 22 July 2010, Teona with two her sons, sister and a family of their friends tragically perished because of a road accident in the high mountains of the Khevsureti region. The car fell into the waters of a cold mountain river. Seven people (children among them) died in this terrible car crash. Teona's husband and brother survived.


Teona recorded only 2 albums composed of folk songs as well as her own ones:

  • 2005 - "პირიმზე"
  • 2009 - "მარტო სიმღერით გითხარ ამდენი სიყვარული"


Her husband was the famous Khevsurian poet Gela Daiauri. The couple had two sons: Demetre (born 8 July 2008) and Jardji (born 30 September 2009).

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