Ali Kosh

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Coordinates: 32°33′28.13″N 47°19′29.72″E / 32.5578139°N 47.3249222°E / 32.5578139; 47.3249222

Ali Kosh
Ganj dareh.jpg
Map showing location of Ali Kosh and other locations of early herding activity
Neolithic sites in Iran.jpg
Neolithic sites in Iran
LocationIlam Province
Diameter135 m
CulturesPre-Pottery Neolithic
Site notes
Area of the fertile crescent, circa 7500 BC, with main sites. Ali Kosh is one of the important sites of the Pre-Pottery Neolithic period. The area of Mesopotamia proper was not yet settled by humans.

Ali Kosh is a small Tell of the Early Neolithic period located in Ilam Province in west Iran, in the Zagros Mountains.[1] It was excavated by Frank Hole and Kent Flannery in the 1960s.[2]


The site is about 135 m in diameter.[3]

Research has found three phases of occupation of the site over an almost 2,000 period, starting from about 9,500 years ago (7500 BCE).[3] It was occupied by pre-pottery peoples.[4]

Relative chronology[edit]


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