Teqerideamani I

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Teqerideamani I
Kushite King of Meroe
Reign 1st / 2nd century AD
Predecessor Teritnide
Successor Tamelerdeamani
Born 1st century AD
Died 2nd century AD
Burial Pyramid Beg. N 28 at Meroë
Full name
Teqerideamani I
Dynasty Meroitic

Teqerideamani I is believed to have been a King of Kush dating to the end of the 1st and beginning of the 2nd century AD. He was preceded by King Teritnide and succeeded by King Tamelerdeamani.

The reasons for believing that he was a separate individual from Teqerideamani II is unclear: only one inscription and one tomb (Beg.N.28) have been found for both rulers. Derek A. Welsby in the table of rulers in his The Kingdom of Kush lists two Teqerideamanis—assigning the tomb to the earlier one, and the inscription to the later—but in one of the chapters he states both the tomb and the inscription belong to the later one. Because the dating of the kings of Nubia in this period are based on the a seriation of their pyramidal tombs (first proposed by George A. Reisner), it may be that the location and other physical qualities of the tomb suggests it was constructed in the later 2nd century.[1]


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