Tercentenary Lectures

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The Tercentenary Lectures were a series of lectures held during the 300th anniversary year of the Royal Society, London in 1960.

List of lecturers[edit]

Name Lecture Notes
Darlington, C. D.C. D. Darlington The chromosomes and the theory of heredity.
Hall, Arnold AlexanderArnold Alexander Hall Trends in aeronautical science and engineering.
Hinton, ChristopherChristopher Hinton The evolution of nuclear power plant design.
Hodgkin, Alan LloydAlan Lloyd Hodgkin The physics and chemistry of nervous conduction.
Hodgkin, DorothyDorothy Hodgkin Molecules in crystals.
Lovell, BernardBernard Lovell The investigation of the Universe by radio astronomy.
Medawar, PeterPeter Medawar The problems of transplantation.
Powell, C. F.C. F. Powell The study of nuclear interactions at very great energies.
Todd, Alexander R.Alexander R. Todd New horizons in organic chemistry.
Wigglesworth, VincentVincent Wigglesworth The metamorphosis of insects.