Tercera Division de Costa Rica

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Tercera Division de Costa Rica
Founded 2008
2003–2008 (as Anafa)
1982–2003 (as Tercera Division)
1962–1982 (as Conafa)
Country Costa Rica
Number of teams 64
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to Green Arrow Up.svg Costa Rican Second Division
Relegation to Red Arrow Down.svg Linafa Segunda Division
Current champions Siquirreña
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Website Official website

Linafa is the third level of Costa Rica soccer pyramid. It is composed of amateurs teams from different regions of the country. The winner gets promoted to Segunda Division.


In 1962 is created the Liga Nacional de Filiales Regionales (Regional Affiliates National League), by 1968 CONAFA (National Amateur Football Committee), and together with local football committees created the national championship organized as Third Division. The third division championships have an important history in Costa Rican soccer, because the winner gets a spot on the next Segunda Division season and can aspire to first level competition. Also is used to sanction or relegate Segunda and Primera Division teams, By 2008, the whole Costa Rica soccer pyramid is reorganized and now known as LINAFA.


With the new structure, LINAFA also manages an internal Second Division and Minor Leagues organization, including more townships amateur teams and juvenile teams.

2012–2013 Season[edit]

64 teams participating in different groups and stages depending on various factors such as geographic location and the economy, are divided into 10 groups with the particularity that the group F is divided in two.[1]

  • Teams by Groups
Group Teams
Group A (San José) 7 B.C.J Uruca, Danubio FC, Hatillo 8, San Francisco FC
A.D. Sagrada Familia, San Felipe, Orión Escazú
Group B (San José) 7 Montes De Oca, Arenal, C.S. Guadalupe
A.D. Valencia, San Luis, San Rafael Abajo, San Francis
Group C (Alajuela) 5 Selección de Cacao, Municipal Santa Ana, Sarchí
Selección de Canoas, Higuiteña
Group D (Alajuela & Heredia) 5 A.D. La Virgen, Upala (Guatuso), COFUTPA Palmarés
Sarapiquí R.F, Zarcero
Group E (Heredia) 8 A.D. Barrealeña, Los Ángeles Heredia, La Suiza F.C
A.D. Barveña, Tournón KALI, A.D. San Rafael
A.D. Santo Domingo, A.D. Municipal San Pablo
Group F (A) (Limon) 5 AD Caribe FC, AD Caribe Sur FC, A.D.F. Siquirreña
La Francia, Municipal Matina
Group F (B) (Limon) 4 CISA Pocora FC, Real LEMUSA, AD Guajira, Cariareña
Group G (Cartago) 6 Estudiantil Guadalupana, Praxis, Selección Pejibaye
Municipal el Guarco, Pumas Orosi FC, AD Tarrazú
Group H (San José & Puntarenas) 5 Colorado Corredores, Atlético Quepos, Osa F.C
Olla Cerro, Municipal Parrita
Grupo I (Puntarenas) 7 Jícaral, A.D. Municipal Puntarenas
C.D.M. Puntarenas, San Buenaventura FC
A.D. Cóbano, A.D. Herradura, A.D. Guarial Paquera
Group J (Guanacaste) 7 A.D. Colorado Abangares, S.D. Ruiz Moracia
Nandayureña Cuajiniquil, Santa Rosa
Sardinal FC, Patiño FC
  • Final Positions

1. ADF Siquirres (Champs) 2. Jicaral (Runner-up) 3. San Rafael de Heredia 4. Sagrada Familia 5. Atlético Quepos 6. Municipal Guarco 7. Municipal Puntarenas 8. Caribe Sur 9. Santa Ana 10. Santo Domingo
11. Santa Teresita Aserrí 12. Municipal Parrita 13. Zarcero FC 14. San Buenaventura 15. Sarchí FC 16. Pumas FC 17. La Suiza 18. Montes de Oca 19. CISA Pocora 20. Selección de Canoas.[2]

Recent Champions 1983–2013[edit]

Torneo Temporada Champion Notes Torneo Temporada Champion Notes
1 1983 Ferretería Núnez F.C. now known as Municipal Pérez Zeledón,
plays in Primera Division
21 2003–2004 A.D. Santacruceña folded
2 1984 A.D. Damas de Quepos folded 22 2004–2005 A.D. Municipal Coto Brus
3 1985 A.D. Municipal Liberia 23 2005–2006 A.D. Barrealeña
4 1986 A.D. Municipal La Unión 24 2006–2007 Aserrí F.C.
5 1987 A.D. Belén Calle Flores 25 2007–2008 A.D. La Suerte
6 1988–1989 A.D. Municipal Barquero 26 2008–2009 A.D. Barrealeña
7 1989–1990 A.D. Valverde Vega 27 2009–2010 A.D. Desamparados folded
8 1990–1991 A.D. Municipal Cañas folded 28 2010–2011 A.D. Guajira de Pococí
9 1991–1992 A.D. Bamola 29 2011–2012 Finca Austria FC changed name to A.D. Alajuela Junior
10 1992–1993 A.D. Vecinos de Santa Ana 30 2012–2013 A.D.F. Siquirres
11 1993–1994 A.D. Santa Bárbara 31 2013–2014 Pococí FC
12 1994–1995 A.D. Orotinense F.C 32 2014–2015 AD Cofutpa Palmares
13 1995–1996 A.D. Municipal Osa 33 2015–2016 AD Santa Rosa from Santacruz, Guanacaste
14 1996–1997 Pococí 2000 F.C. 34 2016–2017 Municipal Santa Ana
15 1997–1998 A.D. San Lorenzo F.C. 35 2017–2018
16 1998–1999 A.D. Ciudad Colón folded 36 2018–2019
17 1999–2000 A.D. Cartagena 37 2019–2020
18 2000–2001 A.D. Tournón 38 2020–2021
19 2001–2002 Esparza Carters F.C. sold franchise to Golfito F.C 39 2021–2022
20 2002–2003 A.D. El Roble F.C. 40 2022–2023