Tere Pyar Mein

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Tere Pyar Mein
Directed by Hassan Askari
Produced by Sajjad Gul
Written by Raja Riaz
Starring Shaan
Zara Sheikh
Veena Malik
Badar Munir
Noor Bukhari
Irfan Khoosat
Music by Amjad Bobby
Edited by Zulifquar Zulfi
Distributed by Evernew Pictures
Release date
  • 28 December 2000 (2000-12-28)
Country Pakistan
Language Urdu

Tere Pyar Mein (Urdu: تیرے پیار میں) (lit: In Your Love) is a Pakistani film which was released in December 2000.[1] It launched the career of Zara Sheikh in Lollywood.[2]


The story is about a young Indian Sikh girl Preety played by Zara Sheikh, who goes to the historical city of Lahore, Pakistan for a religious pilgrimage of a Sikh holy place there with her father. She falls in love with a Pakistani boy named Ali (Shaan) who is a banker and also her dad's friend's son. After the pilgrimage, she goes back to her country. Ali realises what he feels lost without her and goes after her. They both are delighted to see each other but Preety's friend in India, who is also in the Indian Army, is not able to deal with Preety falling in love with a Pakistani as he wants to marry her. He sends his forces after the two lovers by claiming that they are spying for Pakistan. The couple flees and after days of hide and seek, Ali is finally able to destroy the Indian Army cars following them. In the last scene, the lovers arrive at the Pakistan-India border where they see a Pakistani Flag and their emotions are filled with joy and relief.

Film business[edit]

This film celebrated its 'diamond jubilee' (one year running), a highly successful movie.[3][4]

Lahore: Diamond Jubilee, 109 weeks (Gulistan 30, Sozoworld 15, Capital 7, Rattan 4 weeks). Completed continuous showing of more than one year in Lahore.


The music is composed by Amjad Bobby, film song lyrics by Riaz ur Rehman Saghar and Aqeel Ruby



Year Award Film Winner Result
2000 Nigar Awards Best Film Tere piyar mein Shehzad Gul Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best Dialog Tere piyar mein Rashid sajid Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best director Tere piyar mein Hassan Askari Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best Writer Tere piyar mein Raja riaz Khan Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best actor Tere piyar mein Shaan Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best actress Tere piyar mein Zara Sheikh Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best supporting actor Tere piyar mein Raja Riaz Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best editor Tere piyar mein Zulfi Won
2000 Nigar Awards Best sound editor Tere piyar mein Afzal Hussain Won
2002 Lux Style Award Best Film Tere piyar mein Shehzad Gul Won


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