Terekhol River

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Terekhol Fort on the bank of the Terekhol River
A ferry crossing Terekhol river near Kiranpani, Aronda

The Terekhol River is a river in western India. In its upper reaches it is known as the Banda River and in the lower reaches as the Terekhol. It forms the boundary between Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state and North Goa district of Goa state for some distance. The Terekhol rises in the environs of the Manohargad in the Western Ghats and flows in a south-westerly direction to meet the Arabian Sea.[1]

The Terekhol Fort is located on the northern bank of this river in the far north of Goa, which has been turned into a heritage hotel now. The fort has been converted into a tourist destination, maintained in excellent condition. From Querim, you can cross the Terekhol River by ferry and then it is 2 km to the fort. 600 meters from the Terekhol ferry point is the Hotel Hill Rock which has accommodation and a bistro in it.


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Coordinates: 15°43′N 73°42′E / 15.717°N 73.700°E / 15.717; 73.700