Terence Turner

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Terence Turner
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Stephen Marchant (1985)
Nick Brimble (2006)
Duration 1985, 2006
First appearance 29 April 1985
Last appearance 21 May 2006
Introduced by Richard Handford (1985)
Kathleen Beedles (2006)
Classification Former; regular

Terence Turner is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale. He was played first by Stephen Marchant and then by Nick Brimble until the character's death in 2006.



He first appeared in 1985 when he was a student at Oxford University and had a brief romance with Sandie Merrick.

It was stated in the show that the character was 20 years old in 1984, meaning he was born in 1964.


When Terence returned to the village in 2006, attempting to con his father out of £20,000, his age had been substantially altered and his birth year was stated as being 1951. Terence's sister, Steph, revealed that he sexually abused her when they were teenagers. Alan refused to believe Steph, thinking she was trying to cause trouble because she was jealous. He moved into Holdgate Farm with Terence and one night Terence got really drunk and admitted that Steph was telling the truth. Alan and Terence had a fight and Alan lost. Terence took Alan's money and escaped, while Steph and her husband Adam Forsythe found Alan.

Terence was away for a while but returned after Adam started receiving weird phonecalls. Terence told Adam he had delved into his past and found out he had hit a young boy, losing his doctor's license. It was revealed Adam was practising illegally using his late father's registration. Terence demanded £50,000 from Adam in exchange for not going to the police. Adam got the money and Terence came to collect it from the B&B, but wanted more. Adam offered him drugs to sell but Adam took some ether and stunned Terence. He then dragged Terence to the basement and went back up. Then Steph came home, worrying about Adam because he hadn't called her. Terence woke up, while Adam and Steph were in the house. Terence fought with Adam and Steph and Adam bludgeoned Terence over the head and killed him. Adam and Steph buried Terence in the woods and tried to make sure that no one knew about it. However, Steph was uncomfortable about lying about Terence's disappearance so Adam started drugging her to keep her quiet and she was later sectioned as it was suspected that she was having a nervous breakdown. Eventually the truth came out when Steph admitted it in court, leading to her and Adam being arrested for Terence's murder.

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