Terenci Moix

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Terenci Moix
Terenci Moix.jpg
Born(1942-01-05)5 January 1942
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Died2 April 2003(2003-04-02) (aged 61)
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Occupationwriter, novelist
LanguageSpanish, Catalan

Terenci Moix (Catalan pronunciation: [təˈɾɛnsi ˈmoʃ]; real name Ramon Moix i Meseguer; 5 January 1942, in Barcelona – 2 April 2003, in Barcelona) was a Spanish writer, who wrote in Spanish, and in Catalan. He is also the brother of poet/novelist Ana Maria Moix.

Life and work[edit]

He had a self-taught education. His first work, La torre de los vicios capitals, was published in 1968. Many of his early works criticised the values of his time, especially the official morality of Francoism. In 1990, he wrote and published a children's book called, Los Grandes Mitos del Cine (English version as "The Greatest Stories of Hollywood Cinema"), which is illustrated by Willi Glasauer, and published by Círculo de Lectores. This children's book includes fun facts, trivia, and information accompanied by photos and Willi Glasauer's illustrations of the classic Hollywood films and stars such as Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Cleopatra, and Tarzan the Ape Man.[1]

Other works explored camp aesthetics, an element of his work studied by Timothy M. McGovern. He wrote in several newspapers: Tele-Exprés, Tele-Estel, El Correo Catalán, Destino, Nuevos Fotogramas, Serra d'Or, and El País. He was openly homosexual, and participated in many TV gatherings. He died of lung emphysema, which is related to his use of tobacco.

In 1996 he became the first winner of the Fernando Lara Novel Award for his then-unpublished work El amargo don de la belleza.[2]

An annual literature prize, bearing his name, the Terenci Moix Fundación Arena de Narrativa Gay y Lésbica, has been instituted; won most recently by the Anglo-Spanish novelist Rafael Peñas Cruz for his coming-of-age work, Charlie.


  • La torre de los vicios capitales
  • El dia que murio Marilyn
  • Olas sobre una roca desierta
  • Món mascle
  • La caiguda de L'imperi sodomita
  • La increada conciencia de la raza o melodrama
  • Sadistic, esperpentic i adhuc metafisic
  • Nuestro Virgen de los mártires
  • Amami, Alfredo! o polvo de estrellas
  • No digas que fue un sueño
  • Garras de astracan
  • Mujercisimas
  • La herida de la esfinge
  • El arpista ciego
  • El amargo don de la belleza (2011), ISBN 84-08-01899-X

Collections of short stories[edit]



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