Teresa, Contessa Guiccioli

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Teresa, Contessa Guiccioli
Teresa, Contessa Guiccioli.gif
Ravenna, Italy
Died1873 (aged 72–73)
EducationSaint Claire's Monastery at Faenza[1]
Partner(s)Lord Byron

Teresa, Contessa Guiccioli (1800–1873) was the married lover[2] of Lord Byron while he was living in Ravenna, Italy, and writing the first five cantos of Don Juan.[3] She wrote the biographical account Lord Byron's Life in Italy.[4]

On 19 January 1818, Teresa married Count Guiccioli. It was three days later, on 22 January, that she met Lord Byron at the home of Countess Albrizzi.[1]

Alexandre Dumas included her as a minor character in his novel The Count of Monte Cristo using the disguised name "Countess G-".[5] Lord Byron also used this shortened name in his journals.[6]


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