Teresa Korwin Gosiewska

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Teresa Korwin Gosiewska
Coat of arms Ślepowron
Died 1708
Noble family Gosiewski
Consorts Józef Boguslaw Sluszka
Jan Kazimierz Sapieha
Father Wincenty Korwin Gosiewski
Mother Magdalena Konopacka
Teresa Korwin Gosiewska, the Ambassadress of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in Brussels was portrait in a dress à la mode mixed with Polish jupeczka (fur garment) and a dwarf in Polish costume carrying her train.

Teresa Korwin Gosiewska properly Princess Teresa Sapieha (died 1708) was a Polish noblewoman (szlachcianka).

She was daughter of Wincenty Korwin Gosiewski and granddaughter of Aleksander Korwin Gosiewski, two of the most important political and military actors in the most troubled times, as the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–18), Chmielnicki Uprising and The Deluge, of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Her first husband, Józef Bogusław Słuszka de armis Ostoja (1652–1701) was Field-Commander of Lithuania, Castle-Commander of Vilnius, Court Marshal of Lithuania, Great-Standard-Bearer of Lithuania, Great-Hunter of Lithuania, District-Governor of Rzeczyca, Lanckorona, Pinsk, Pieniawa and Jeziera.

Her second husband, Prince Jan Kazimierz Sapieha, de armis Lis (1637–1720), was Great Cup-Bearer of Lithuania. Deputy Master of the Pantry of Lithuania. Court Treasurer of Lithuania. Field-Commander of Lithuania. District-Governor of Zmuzka and Brzeg. Palatine-Governor of Vilnius and Great-Commander of Lithuania.

She had not offspring of both marriages.


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