Teresa Orlowski

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Teresa Orlowski
Born Teresa Orłowska[1]
(1953-07-29) 29 July 1953 (age 64)[2]
Wrocław, Poland[3]
Nationality Polish[1]
Other names Teresa Orlowsky, Lady Teresa, Teresa Orlowska[4]
Website http://teresa-orlowski.de

Teresa Orlowski (born 29 July 1953) is a former performer in and a current producer of adult films in Germany.

Teresa Orlowski spent her childhood in Dębica, small city near Tarnów.[5]

Early life[edit]

Born Teresa Orłowska,[1] despite being Polish, Orlowski is considered the first true German porn star.[3] A former veterinary assistant,[3] she came to West Germany in 1979 and worked first in a nightclub in Wattenscheid, later in a bar at Duisburg Central Station.[1] In 1982, she married Hans Moser.


She debuted in 1983 in the film Foxy Lady, directed by her then-husband Hans Moser .[3] She starred in two early examples of interactive pornography, Mopsparade (1994)[6] and Teresa O. The CD-ROM edition (1995).[7] Together with Moser, she founded the Hannover-based adult production company "VTO" (Verlag Teresa Orlowski / Video Teresa Orlowski);[3][8] the company bankrupted after a few years.[1] After her retirement from the adult industry, she moved to Marbella.[1]

In addition, Orlowski starred in the music video "Bitte, bitte" by Die Ärzte in 1989.[9] In 1986, Larry Bonville recorded the song Fire Inside for Teresa Orlowski.[10]


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