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Teresa Procaccini (born 23 March 1934 in Cerignola) is an Italian composer and music educator.


Teresa Procaccini studied organ with Fernando Germaniin and composition with Virgilio Mortari. Between 1971 and 1972, she directed the Conservatory of Foggia, and until 2001 taught composition at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. In 1972 she became the artistic director of the Friends of Music Association of Foggia.[1]

Procaccini has won national and international prizes, has given master classes at the Festival of Città di Castello, the Academy "Respighi" of Assisi, the "Internationalen Meisterkursen" of Duren (Germany) and the Summer Music Frentana Lanciano.[2]

Her compositions are published by Sonzogno Zanibon, Edipan, Carisch, Bongiovanni, Curci, Leduc, Seesaw, Rugginenti, Scomegna, Pizzicato Helvetia, Berben, Wicky and Carrara.

Selected works[edit]

Procaccini is the author of approximately 200 works, including concertos for solo instrument and orchestra, piano and other music for children (fairy music, didactic works for children's choir and young instrumentalists), and also has written compositions for theatrical cartoons and Rai Italia. Selected works include:

  • Sinfonietta for small orchestra, Op.7 (1956); unpublished
  • Fantasia for orchestra, Op.16 (1958)
  • loudness, 4 Pieces for orchestra, Op.44 (1969)
  • Puppets, Op.121 (1990)
  • Pastoral, Op.123 (1990)
  • Concerto for organ and orchestra, Op.12 (1957)
  • Barbara Music for piano and orchestra, Op.20 (1959)
  • Concerto for harp and orchestra, Op.88 (1980)
  • Concerto for 2 guitars and orchestra, Op.193 (2006)
Chamber music
  • Piccolo concerto for 14 instruments, Op.19 (1959)
  • Serenade for flute, two violins, cello and harpsichord, Op.31 (1967)
  • Dialogo for viola and piano, Op.34 (1968)
  • Sonata for viola and piano, Op.43 (1969)
  • Quintet for horn and string quartet, Op.50 (1971)
  • Prelude and march for horn and eight instruments, Op.79 (1977)
  • Divertissement for four trumpets and trombone, Op.89 (1980)
  • Duo for violin and viola, Op.96 (1982)
  • Three Dances for 2 trumpets, percussion and double quintet, Op.109 (1984)
  • Trio for flute, viola and harp, Op.124 (1990)
  • Play for wind quintet and bass clarinet, Op.131 (1992)
  • Piccolo concerto for 13 instruments, Op.138 (1996); version of Op.19
  • Sextet for wind quintet and piano, Op.140 (1997); version of Op.31
  • Trio for clarinet, viola and piano, Op.148 (1998)
  • Mutations for violin and piano, Op.160 (1999)
  • American Rhapsody for 12 saxophones and piano, Op.188 (2005)


  • Three Dances for two trumpets and strings, Concerto for harp and orchestra music barbara piano and chamber orchestra, Music for Strings for String Orchestra, Concertino for flute and string orchestra Orchestra Sinfonieta "of Radio Television of Bulgaria Simeon Shterev, flute; Susana Klintcharova, harp; Goleminov Kamen, Director CD PAN 3005.
  • Divertissement for brass quintet, op. 90, Piano Sonata, Op. 3, Piccolo Concerto, Op 13 players. 138; Puppets Piano 4 hands, Op. 55; Quartet for flute, oboe, bassoon and piano op. 27, 3 pieces for bassoon and piano op. 30; Sextet for wind quintet and piano op. 140
  • The Winds of Paradise directed by Claudio Parma, Italian Brass Quintet Brass Bim Bum; Duo Stefano Scarcella, Trovajoli Claudio, piano; Claudio Paradiso, Luciano Franca flute, oboe Zarb Francis, Francis Zanelti clarinet, bassoon Losavio Domenico, Andrea Mugnaini bassoon, horn Raffaele D'Aniello, piano CD PAN 3068.


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