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Teresa del Riego

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Teresa del Riego, from a 1908 publication.

Teresa Clotilde del Riego, later Teresa Leadbitter (7 April 1876 – 23 January 1968) was an English violinist, pianist, singer and composer of Spanish ancestry.


Teresa Clotilde del Riego was born in London, England. She studied music at the Convent of the Sacred Heart and the West Central College of Music in London with Sir Paolo Tosti and Marie Withrow. Del Riego was heavily involved in World War I charity concerts, and her husband F. Graham Leadbitter died in the war. Her principal residence in later life was at 'Sycamore', Mundesley Road, Overstrand in Norfolk. She is buried in the cemetery there; nearby are the graves of her sister Agnes, the first woman scoutmaster and founder of the Women's Territorial Signalling Corps and her brother, John Anthony del Riego (stage name Philip Desborough). Teresa del Riego died in London at the age of 91.[1][2]


Del Riego wrote chamber, orchestral, and piano compositions but is best known for ballads and sacred pieces which remained popular through the 20th century. Selected works include:

Del Riego's works have been recorded and released under the Hyperion, EMI, Romophone, Pearl and RCA labels,[1] including:

  • A Star Was His Candle Lawrence Tibbett, Baritone(January 1, 1997) Delos
  • The Golden Age of Brass, Vol.2 Mark Lawrence, American Serenade Band (February 8, 1995) Summit, ASIN: B0000038IT
  • Dame Eva Turner - The Collected Recordings La Scala Theatre Orchestra (April 25, 2000) Pearl, ASIN: B00004C8TK


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