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Tereshchenko (Ukrainian: Терещенко; Russian: Терещенко) is a surname of Ukrainian origin. It originates from the name Teresh[disambiguation needed] (Ukrainian: Тереш) through an addition of the Ukrainian paternal suffix -enko.


Tereshchenko or Terestchenko family[edit]

Of a prominent Tereshchenko family of Ukrainian entrepreneurs and philanthropists. The following is an approximate family tree:

  • Artemiy Tereshchenko (1794–1873), a Ukrainian entrepreneur, land-owner, establisher of sugar factories
    • Mykola Tereshchenko (1819–1903) son of Artemii, a Ukrainian philanthropist,
      • Varvara Khanenko (1848–1922, née Tereshchenko, art collector, a cofounder of the Kiev Museum of Western and Oriental Art)
      • Ivan Tereshchenko (1854–1903), a painter, son of Nikola
        • Mikhail Tereshchenko (1886–1956), a minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Provisional Government, son of Ivan. Married [second wife]to Ebba Holst, 1 son, Ivan Mikhailovitch Tereshchenko .
        • Ivan Mikhailovitch Tereshchenko () married Nadine Rousselot. 3 children, Michel (born in 1956) philosopher, Ivan (born in 1958) photographer, Alexandra (1964–1982)
    • Theodore Artemievitch Tereshchenko - Fyodor pronunciation Russe de Theodore] brother of Nikola Married Nadjezda Hlopov in 1883 son of Artemii whose collection served a basis of the Kiev Museum of Russian Art 3 children - Nadine - Theodore (Fyodor pronunciation en Russe de Theodore) - Nathalie
      • Nadine Fyodorovna Tereshchenko married to V. Mourravieff- Apostol 3 boys - Vadim - Andrew (Andy) - Alexis (Dick) Mourravieff- Apostol (http://m-a-k.net genealogy tree)
      • Theodore Fyodorovich Tereshchenko (1888-1950?), an aircraft constructor, son of Theodore Artemyevich married with Ekaterina Beatrix Von keyserlingk (http://www.keyserlingk.info/) issue a girl Nathalie Tereshchenko married herself with Alexander Alexandrovitch, Prince, Schirinsky-Schikhmatoff issue 3 girls Kyra - Irina - Xénia.
      • Nathalie Fyodorovna Tereshchenko married to Ouvarov issue 1 girl : Nathalie




  • Tereschenko Diamond - 42.92-carat (8.584 g) Tereschenko blue diamond