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The Tereshchenko Family
Coat of arms of the Tereshchenko family.jpg
Current regionUkraine, Russia, France, Greece, United States
Place of originRussian Empire
MembersArtemy Tereshchenko
Simon Tereshchenko
Elizabeth Sarancheva
Mikhail Tereshchenko
Bogdan Khanenko
Varvara Tereshchenko
Princess Nadezhda Tereshchenko
Ivan Tereshchenko
DistinctionsCounts (European nobility)

Members of the Tereshchenko family have achieved prominence in Ukraine and the world as businessmen, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and landowners, beginning in the 18th century. The family has Cossack roots and comes from the city of Hlukhiv (now Sumy region), the former residence of the Hetmans of Left-bank Ukraine.[1]


First guild merchant Artemy Tereshchenko was elevated to the hereditary nobility of the Russian Empire by a royal decree of May 12, 1870 for special merits and as a reward for charity. His three sons - Nicola, Theodore and Simon – helped run his business.

For over half a century, the Tereshchenko family - Nicola, Theodore, and their children - Alexander, Ivan, Varvara, Theodore, Nadezhda and others were engaged in charity activities, giving Ukraine numerous buildings, cultural and educational institutions, as well as art collections, now kept in museums of Kiev, which were established by members of the family.[2]

In the beginning of the 20th century, one of the largest joint-stock sugar companies in the south-western region was a "Sugar and sugar refinery factories' association of Tereshchenko Brothers", founded in 1870 by Nicola, Theodore and Simon Tereshchenko with an initial capital of 3 million rubles. Over time, the family-owned company had an annual turnover of 12 million rubles and independent access to the European market. Some of the factories remained in the individual possession of each of the brothers.


Members of the family include:

  • Artemy Tereshchenko (1794–1873), Ukrainian entrepreneur, land-owner, establisher of sugar factories
    • Nikola Tereshchenko (1819–1903), Ukrainian philanthropist, son of Artemiy
    • Fyodor Artemyevich Tereshchenko (1832-1896), whose collection served as the basis of the Kiev Museum of Russian Art
      • Fyodor Fyodorovich Tereshchenko (1888-1954), an aircraft constructor and author, son of Fyodor Artemyevich married to Beatrix Countess Von Keyserlingk. Their daughter Nathalie (Natacha) Tereshchenko married Prince Alexandre Alexandrovitch Schirinky-Schikhmatoff (see Wikipedia "Platon chirinsky to see the whole genealogy or The palm tree Von Keyserlingk genealogy) and had three daughters: Kyra, Irina, and Xénia (living in France)(family references)

A French-born member of the family, Michel Tereshchenko, became a Ukrainian citizen in March 2015 after living in Ukraine for over a decade,[3] and was elected mayor of Hlukhiv in October 2015.[4]

Coat of arms[edit]


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