Teriitaria II

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Teri’itari’a II
Queen regnant of Huahine and Mai’ao
Queen and Regent of Tahiti
Painting of Teriitaria Ariipaea.jpg
Painting by Ambroise Tardieu, c. 1826
Reign 1815–1852
Predecessor Mahine Tehei'ura
Successor Ari’imate
Born c. 1790
Died 1858 (aged 67–68)
Papeete, Tahiti
Spouse Pōmare II
House House of Tamatoa
House of Pōmare
Father Tamatoa III
Mother Tura’iari’i Ehevahine

Teri'itaria II, alson known as Pōmare Vahine or Ari'ipaea Vahine (1790–1858) was a Queen of Tahiti as wife of Pōmare II. She also served as regent to his successor Pōmare III in 1820-1827, and ruled the island kingdom of Huahine in her own right from 1815 until 1852.


Birth and family[edit]

Teri'itaria was born around 1790.

Her father was Tamatoa III, King of Raiatea, while her mother was Queen Tura’iari’i Ehevahine, Princess of Huahine.[1]

She was a granddaughter of queen Tehaʻapapa I. She was named after her uncle, king Teriʻitaria I.[2][3][4]


She and her younger sister Teriʻitoʻoterai Tere-moe-moe married King Pōmare II of Tahiti, their second cousin.[5] Later she married Ari'ipaea.

Regent of Tahiti[edit]

After the death of her spouse in 1820, her infant stepson Pomare III succeeded him as king of Tahiti. Being a minor, he was placed under a regency council consisting of her, his mother and the five principal chiefs of Thaiti. The regency council remained in power until the death of the young monarch in 1827.

Ruler of Huahine[edit]

In 1815 she became a Queen of Huahine.[6][7][8]:6

She was deposed in a civil war and her successor was King Ari'imate.


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Teriitaria II
Born: 1790 Died: 1858
Preceded by
Mahine Tehei'ura
Queen of Huahine
Succeeded by