Teri Copley

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Teri Copley
Born (1961-05-10) May 10, 1961 (age 54)
Arcadia, California, United States
Occupation Actress, model
Spouse(s) Micki Free (divorced)
Christopher Mayer (divorced)
Charles Wahlheim

Teri Copley (born May 10, 1961)[1] is an American actress and model.[2] She is best known for role on the American television series We Got It Made.[2] She appeared in the 1984 television film I Married a Centerfold[3] and the 1992 film Brain Donors.[2] She posed nude and was the cover girl for Playboy for the November 1990 issue.[4] In the 1990s Copley became a born-again Christian and slowly eased her way out of celebrity Hollywood.[5]

A born-again Christian, she released a book, Conversations Between a Girl and her God.[1]


She is married to Charles Wahlheim. She was previously married to Micki Free and Christopher Mayer, and has a child by each of her first two marriages.


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