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Triang or Teriang (Chinese: 直凉) is a subdivision (mukim) of Bera District. It is located at the south west region of the Pahang state. Triang which is one of the towns, functions as a commercial centre[1] in Bera District, Pahang, Malaysia.


Triang is known for the Triang new village, dating back to Malayan Emergency in 1948-1960. To suppress the insurgency, the British military forcibly moved many rural Chinese into the tightly controlled New Villages located near or along the roadsides or railways.[2]


Triang is one of three constituencies of the Pahang State Legislative Assembly within the borders of the parliamentary constituency of Bera, the other two being Guai and Kemayan. The seat is currently held by Leong Yu Man[3] of the DAP.

Electoral Districts of Pahang


Triang is located along highway Jkr-ft10.png which connects Temerloh to Gemas in Negeri Sembilan. Triang has a railway station, part of the KTM Intercity Eastern Sector.


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Coordinates: 3°14′N 102°25′E / 3.233°N 102.417°E / 3.233; 102.417