Teriberka River

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Река Териберка.JPG
Origin Murmansk Oblast
Mouth Barents Sea
Basin countries Russia
Length 127 km
Basin area 2227 km²

Teriberka River (Russian: Териберка; Kildin Sami: Терберк) is a river in the north of the Kola Peninsula in Murmansk Oblast, Russia. It is 127 km in length, and flows into the Barents Sea about 50 km east of Murmansk. The area of its drainage basin is 2,227 km².

There are two hydroelectric power stations on the Teriberka River, with a total capacity of 157 MW and an annual production of 290 GWh[citation needed]. The village of Teriberka is located at its mouth.


Coordinates: 69°10′N 35°08′E / 69.167°N 35.133°E / 69.167; 35.133