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TermBase eXchange
Filename extension.tbx
Internet media typeapplication/x-tbx [1]
UTI conformationpublic.xml
Developed byLocalization Industry Standards Association
Initial release2002?
Latest release
October 29, 2008; 10 years ago (2008-10-29)[2]
Type of formatTerminology
Extended fromXML
StandardISO 30042
Open format?yes

TermBase eXchange (TBX) is an international standard (ISO 30042:2008) for the representation of structured concept-oriented terminological data, copublished by ISO and the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA).[3][4][5] Originally released in 2002 by LISA's OSCAR special interest group, TBX was adopted by ISO TC 37 in 2008. It is currently available as an ISO standard and as an open, industry standard, available at no charge.[4][5]

TBX defines an XML format for the exchange of terminology data, and is "an industry standard for terminology exchange".[6]

Software Support[edit]

Name Type Details
XTM International[7] CAT/TMS
Rian CAT
SDL Trados CAT
memoQ CAT
Wordfast CAT
OmegaT CAT
Xbench Terminology tool
Glossary Converter Terminology conversion tool


See also[edit]

  • XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format): an XML-based format created to standardize the way localizable data are passed between tools during a localization process and a common format for CAT tool files.
  • IATE (“Inter-Active Terminology for Europe”) is the EU's inter-institutional terminology database used in the EU institutions and agencies since summer 2004 for the collection, dissemination and shared management of EU-specific terminology. The IATE multilingual databases can be downloaded in a zipped format, then multilanguage glossaries in TBX format can be generated using a free tool.


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