Xfce Terminal

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Xfce Terminal
Xfce Terminal with two tabs.
Xfce Terminal with two tabs.
Developer(s) Benedikt Meurer et al.
Stable release
Operating system Unix-like
Type Terminal emulator
License GNU GPLv2
Website xfce.org/projects/terminal/

Terminal is a terminal emulator built for the Xfce desktop environment using GTK+. It is provided as part of the Xfce project, but it can be used in other X Window System environments as well. It supports tabs, customizable keyboard shortcuts (key bindings), customizable colors, window sizes, and a drop-down mode similar to Guake.[1] It was designed to replace GNOME Terminal, which depends on the GNOME libraries.[2] Like GNOME Terminal, it is based on the VTE library.[3]

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