Terminal Choice

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Terminal Choice
GenresElectronic rock, industrial metal, industrial rock, gothic rock, EBM, Neue Deutsche Härte
Years active1993–2010
Associated actsSeelenkrank, Blutengel, Tumor, Pain of Progress, Miss Construction, Staubkind
WebsiteTerminal Choice
MembersChris Pohl
Jens Gärtner
Gordon Mocznay
Louis Manke
Past membersManuel Selling
Sten Nitschke

Terminal Choice was a German industrial rock band. It was formed by singer Chris Pohl (also of Blutengel, Tumor, Pain of Progress and owner of the Fear Section label) in 1993. Since their last show in 2010, the band has been inactive.


Their lyrics are sung in German and English. The sound was originally primarily electronic music, but with the 1998 album Navigator, guitars were added.

Besides Pohl, the original lineup included Jens Gärtner, who provided the drums and loops. In 1997, Manuel Selling was added as a guitar player. He left in 2000 and Gordon Mocznay took over on guitar and bass guitar. A year later in 2001, Louis Manke joined the band as well, adding a second guitar to the band. Despite being involved with numerous bands, all members are still creating music with Terminal Choice and an album entitled "New Born Enemies" was released in 2006. They have released a video for "Don't Go".

Current members[edit]

  • Chris Pohl - Vocals (1993–Present)
  • Jens Gärtner - Drums (1997–Present)
  • Gordon Mocznay - Bass (2000–Present)
  • Louis Manke - Guitar (2001–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Manuel Selling - Bass (1997-2000)
  • Sten Nitschke - Producer, Remixer (1997-2000) (he died in 2011)



  • 1993: Terminal Choice
  • 1994: Desiderius
  • 1994: Facets of Pain
  • 1994: Desiderius
  • 1995: Degernerated Inclinations


  • 1994: In Equal Shares / Split Tape
  • 1994: Demonstrate The Power / titled as demo II

Full-length albums[edit]

  • 1996: In the Shadow of Death
  • 1998: Navigator
  • 1999: Black Past (Rare - 1000 copies)
  • 2000: Ominous Future
  • 2003: Buried a-Live (Live album)
  • 2003: Menschenbrecher
  • 2003: Reloadead ("Best of" album)
  • 2006: New Born Enemies
  • 2010: Übermacht
  • 2011: Black Journey 1
  • 2011: Black Journey 2
  • 2011: Black Journey 3


  • 1997: Khaosgott
  • 1999: Venus
  • 2002: Collective Suicide
  • 2009: Keine Macht MCD


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