Terminal City Rollergirls

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Terminal City Rollergirls
League logo
Metro area Vancouver
Country Canada
Founded 2006
Teams All-Stars (A team)
B Sides (B team)
Bad Reputations
Faster Pussycats
Public Frenemy
Riot Girls
Track type(s) Flat
Venue Royal City Curling Club
Kerrisdale Arena
Vancouver Forum
Minoru Arena
Affiliations WFTDA
Website www.terminalcityrollergirls.com

Terminal City Rollergirls (TCRG) is a roller derby league based in Vancouver. It was founded in January 2006 by Michelle Lamoureux (a.k.a. "Micki Mercury").

Terminal City is the first roller derby league in the Vancouver area,[1] became an apprentice member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) in October 2010,[2] and a full member of the WFTDA, initially placed in the WFTDA's West Region in March 2011.[3]


The league currently consists of four house teams, the TCRG All-Stars, and the TCRG B Sides. In 2010, Raw Meat was formed, a drop-in skating group open to all skill levels.

Travel teams[edit]

Terminal City features two teams that play teams from other leagues, the Terminal City All-Stars and the B Sides. The Terminal City All-Stars represents Terminal City within the WFTDA, and is ranked by the association. In 2013, The All-Stars, at the time considered a WFTDA Division 2 team, qualified for Division 1 playoffs for the first time, entering the playoff tournament in Richmond, Virginia as the 10th seed, and finishing the tournament in 7th place.[4]


Season Final ranking[5] Playoffs Championship
2011 23 W DNQ DNQ
2012 12 W DNQ DNQ
2013 37 WFTDA 7 D1[4] DNQ
2014 18 WFTDA 6 D1[6] DNQ
2015 24 WFTDA 5 D1[7] DNQ
2016 18 WFTDA[8] 5 D1[9] DNQ
Terminal City All-Star Rollergirl, skating at Toronto Roller Derby's Quad City Chaos tournament in March 2010.

In September 2016, Terminal City hosted a 2016 International Women's Flat Track Derby Association Division 1 roller derby playoff tournament at the Richmond Olympic Oval in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond.[10][11] Terminal City entered the tournament as the 5th seed, and finished in 5th place.[9]

International play[edit]

Terminal City skaters Luludemon and 8Mean Wheeler were selected for Team Canada at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup.[12][13] 8Mean Wheeler (now skating as MacKenzie), Luludemon and four other Terminal City Skaters, Buffy Sainte Fury, Evada Peron, Eve Hallows and Kim Janna were named to the 2014 edition of Team Canada.[14] In addition, TCRG's Mack the Mouth was named to Team Canada's coaching staff in both 2011 and 2014.[14]


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