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Terminal Press is an Independent Comic Book Publisher based out of Long Beach, New York.

Terminal Press was started in 2001 by Brian Ferrara, who is the company's president and Editor-in-Chief. Ferrara was joined by art director Narek Gevorgian and lead illustrator Rolo Ledesma shortly after. Specializing in dark, edgy and graphic comic books such as Brian Ferrara and Narek Gevorgian's Silent Assassin and disturbingly humorous books such as Ken Knudtsen and Brian Ferrara's Crowpsey / Rufus and Cleveland, Terminal Press set out to create independent comics equal in quality to the larger publishers, while dedicating its content to subjects and storylines that are less mainstream.

Terminal Press has collaborated with The Superfun Company on Toxic Teddies, Seen's Planet6 Studios on Phony-Baloney and Spraycan Monsters, Arrow Productions on Debbie Does Dallas and Nuclear Blast Records on Dimmu Borgir and Exodus.

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