Terminator X & The Valley of the Jeep Beets

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The Valley of the Jeep Beets
The Valley of the Jeep Beets.jpg
Studio album by Terminator X
Released May 7, 1991
Recorded 1990-1991
Genre Political Rap
Hardcore rap
Length 46:40
Label P.R.O. Division/RAL/Columbia/SME Records
CK 46896 (North America)
468421 (international)
SRCS 5497 (Japan)
Producer Russell Simmons (exec.)
Terminator X
The Bomb Squad
Terminator X chronology
The Valley of the Jeep Beets
Super Bad
(1994)Super Bad1994
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]
Entertainment Weekly A- [2]

Terminator X & The Valley of the Jeep Beets is the debut album by DJ, Terminator X. The album was released on May 7, 1991, on RAL Records and was produced by Terminator X and the Bomb Squad. The album was moderately successful, making it to #97 on the Billboard 200 and #19 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Two successful singles were released, "Homey Don't Play Dat," which made it to #1 on the Hot Rap Singles, and "Buck Whylin'," which made it to #7 on the Hot Rap Singles and featured Chuck D and Sister Souljah, as well as a sample from "Rise Above" by Black Flag.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Vendetta...the Big Getback"—0:34
  2. "Buck Whylin' (featuring Chuck D & Sister Souljah)—4:15
  3. "Homey Don't Play Dat"—4:12
  4. "Juvenile Delinquintz"—4:12
  5. "The Blues"—6:04 (by Andreaus 13 and Dj Mars)
  6. "Back to the Scene of the Bass"—4:19
  7. "Can't Take My Style"—1:14
  8. "Wanna be Dancin'"—3:56
  9. "DJ is the Selector"—2:53
  10. "Run That Go-Power Thang"—2:53
  11. "No Further"—3:42
  12. "High Priest of Turbulence"—1:46
  13. "Ain't Got Nuttin'"—3:49


Chart (1991) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200 97
U.S. Billboard Top R&B Albums 19


Homey Don't Play Dat
Chart Peak
Hot R&B Singles 59
Hot Rap Singles 1
Wanna Be Dancin (Buck-Whylin)
Chart Peak
Hot Rap Singles 7