TerraDrive Live

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TerraDrive Live
Players 2+ required, 4,000 expected
Setup time 1-5 minutes
Playing time 2+ days
Random chance None
Skill(s) required Espionage, Stealth, Behavioral analysis, Card playing, Faction Coordination

TerraDrive Live, created by Tony Hellmann and Christian Kelley, published by Technomancer Press is a heavily modified form of Assassin which includes collectible card game elements. TerraDrive Live is the first Massively Multiplayer Live Action Role Playing Game.[1][2] It is set in the TerraDrive Universe, based on TerraDrive, a tabletop roleplaying game also published by Technomancer Press. It debuted at Penny Arcade Expo on August 24, 2007 in Seattle.

Game Play[edit]

TerraDrive Live, like Assassin is a "lifestyle-invading" game; play may not be restricted to a specific time interval, but is integrated into the players' everyday activities (in the case of PAX, during a three-day convention). TerraDrive Live players are referred to as Mercs and must find other players to defeat in combat. Mercs are identified by the Life Tokens they wear in their convention badge holder. When two players identify each other and agree to combat, they agree to wager an equal number of life tokens, then "fight" each other with three throws of rock paper scissors. Each throw is modified by powerups, which are cards that enhance defensive or offensive capabilities. For example, armor powerups protect against certain throws (either rock, paper, or scissors, depending on the powerup). A specific powerup can nullify armor powerups. There are also weapon, ability, and equipment powerup types. There are currently twelve powerups in the entire set. When one merc beats another (best of three rock paper scissors throws), he or she gets the wagered life tokens and one of the defeated merc's powerups (if he/she had any equipped for the final throw).[1]

Organized Play[edit]

TerraDrive Live supports faction play, with the ability for players to form factions. Every faction is allied with one of four factions. The factions were based upon factions within the TerraDrive universe. The backstory started with was that PAX was a recently discovered four planet system rich in natural resources which is being fought over by the Corpers, the Crossbones Exchange, the Bleeding Hearts, and the Radicals. While everyone at PAX was given a life token to play with, players were encouraged to join one of the factions.

Crowdsourced Content[edit]

TerraDrive Live is set in the TerraDrive Universe. A Wiki was originally created by Technomancer Press, and was converted into a Wikia wiki after they went out of business. The universe was created by anyone who decided to edit the wiki. The majority of the content were players of TerraDrive Live who attended PAX. Wiki editors developed the universe including systems, planets, alien races, factions, and technology. The TerraDrive Universe was partly inspired by Epic Legends Of The Hierarchs: The Elemenstor Saga.


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