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GenresPop, rock, trance
Years active2002–2012
LabelsKonami Digital Entertainment
WebsiteOfficial Terra website (Closed down)
MembersNaoki Maeda
Junko Karashima

Terra (stylized as TЁЯRA) is Konami's in-house rock and J-pop group that composes music and soundtracks for Beatmania IIDX, Dance Dance Revolution, Pop'n Music, GuitarFreaks, and DrumMania. They debuted in Pop'n Music 8 with their song "Stars☆☆☆". Their introduction in Konami's session simulation was "We Are" in GuitarFreaks 11th Mix & DrumMania 10th Mix. In Beatmania IIDX 10th Style, they were introduced into the DJ simulation series with the song "Doll". Since then, they've produced one song for each version of both IIDX and Gitado thereon, as well songs for the other active Bemani games. Their first album, Revolution was released in March 2005 and features longer versions of songs featured in the Bemani games, in addition to new songs. Their second album, Evolution was released in September 2011 and mainly features longer version of various Bemani songs including the solo version of 鏡花水月楼, one of their collaboration with Uchuu Sentai Noiz. The limited edition also contains a DVD which feature the PV of the album's main song, "Evolution".

On 30 September 2009, Terra closed their official site. Both Naoki and Jun stated this because they were far too busy focusing on projects to update the site.[citation needed]

With Jun and Naoki's departure from Konami on 2013, it was unknown if they would continue to perform songs as Terra. However, it was revealed in 2015 that Naoki was to be the producer of a new Capcom arcade game, crossbeats REV, and that Terra would return to produce more songs for the game.


  • Naoki Maeda (前田尚紀) – composer/arranger/guitarist/producer/vocalist *in "鏡花水月楼 & Parasite World*∞
  • Junko Karashima (辛島純子) – vocalist/lyricist/arranger/composer

Bemani works[edit]

Pop'n Music

Beatmania IIDX

Guitar Freaks & DrumMania

Dance Dance Revolution


  • This Night (Jubeat edition) (Jubeat plus)

Reflec Beat

Other Works

  • Ever Snow *Naoki Maeda: composer and arranger; Junko Karashima: lyrics; Yoma Komatsu (from BeForU) as vocalist* [DDRMAX2 -Dance Dance Revolution 7th mix-]
  • Termination *Naoki Maeda: composer and arranger; Junko Karashima: lyrics; 今井優子 [Yuko Imai] as vocalist* [Guitar Freaks 10th mix &Drummania 9th mix]
  • Doll: L.E.D. style mix [Beatmania IIDX remix for 10th Success Anniversary]
  • Dive to the Night: Terra Works remix [小坂りゆ [ Riyu Kosaka ] – Begin]
  • Alfarshear [Golializzle: Goli Matsumoto Archives]
  • Revolution [performed in Beatmania IIDX Secret Live 2]
  • Stars [Re-tuned by Hal] [Konami Musicフル]
  • 聖なる鐘が、鳴り響く街 (2004 コナミスタイルクリスマスキャンペーンソングver.) [Seinaru Kane Ga, Narihibiku Machi (2004 Konami Style Christmas Campaign ver.)] ~instrumental~ [Bemani Top Rankers special CD]


Studio album by
Released11 March 2005
GenrePop, rock, trance
Length96:16 (Disk 1: 68:11, Disk 2: 27:05)
LabelKonami Multi-media


  • Additional arrangers for Revolution:
  1. Masao Akashi
  2. Sōta Fujimori (as a remixer)

Track list[2]

Disc one
1."We Are" (album version) 
2."Ever Snow" 
3."Stars ☆☆☆" 
4."夢幻ノ光 (Mugen no Hikari)" 
6."Termination" (album version) 
7."蒼い衝動 (SF Cyborg Trance mix)" (Aoi Shoudou; remixed by Sōta Fujimori) 
8."Raspberry Heart" 
9."1/6 Billionth" 
10."North Wind" 
11."Baby, Baby Gimme Your Love" (Cyber Electronica R+B mix; remixed by Sōta Fujimori) 
13."聖なる鐘が、鳴り響く街" (Seinaru Kanega, Narihibiku Machi)" 
14."Escape to the Sky ★彡" (album version) 
Total length:68:11
Disc two
1."Dance Dance Revolution feat. Terra Non Stop Megamix" 
Total length:27:05
Studio album by
Released7 September 2011
LabelKonami Digital Entertainment
ProducerNaoki Maeda
Terra chronology


Track list

Disc one
1."華爛漫 -Flowers-" 
3."鏡花水月楼" (Terra version) 
4."This Night" (Terra version) 
8."Parasite World" 
9."零 – Zero –" 
10."Lethebolg: 双神威に斬り咲けり" 
11."Dioramatic Moment" 
12."Doll: Ballad Side" 
Disc two
1."Terra's Non Stop Megamix Evolved" 


As of 31 January 2008, Terra has released four new tracks, all of which are playable on Beatmania IIDX 15 DJ Troopers. 10-second clips of two of these new tracks can be heard on the official Terra website, as well as new art from 零 (Rei) -Zero- by Matsumoto Goli.

The clip of the first new track, titled "Reminiscence//001 (Rebirth)", sounds very similar to 零 (Rei) -Zero- in its style, and energy. However, the melody is slightly more happy, rather than nostalgic, like that of "Doll" or "Alfarshear".

"Reminiscence//001 (Rebirth)" is the first of a three-part series, similar to Bemani artist A/I's Captivate series. The second in the series is "Reminiscence//002 (Life)" and the third is "Reminiscence//003 (Destiny)".

Terra has finished production of their latest track "Miracle Flyer!!" for the newest Pop'n Music installment Pop'n Music 16 Party, as well as "鏡花水月楼 (GFDM Edition)" for GuitarFreaksV5 & DrumManiaV5 which was produced in collaboration with rock group Uchuu Sentai Noiz. A PV of the video can be seen on Terra's official website.

Recently, Terra have announced two new songs called "Fantasia" and "Catharsis Garden". Fantasia will be featured in Pop'n Music 17 The Movie and "Catharsis Garden" will be featured on GuitarFreaks V6 Blazing!! & DrumMania V6 Blazing!!. A preview of the "Catharsis Garden" video is currently on TЁЯRA's site and under the "Special" tab on their site, there are photos and information about the filming of the video.


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