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Terra Nova (literally "New Earth" or "New Land" in Portuguese, Catalan and Latin) or Terranova (literally "New Earth" or "New Land" in Italian) may refer to:










  • Terra Nova (ship), a sealing and then exploration ship, used in the Terra Nova Expedition
  • Terra Nova FPSO, a Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel located in the Terra Nova oil and gas field



Film, TV shows and theatre[edit]


  • Terranova (band), a German electronic group made up of Fetisch, Marco Meister and Kaos
  • Terra Nova (EP), the debut extended play by The Austerity Program
  • "Terra Nova", a song written by James Taylor and Carly Simon, on James Taylor's album JT
  • "Terra Nova Cain", a song by The Church


Fictional locations[edit]

  • CMS Terra Nova, a supply ship owned by SCAF 200 years ago in the Dead Space 3 Awakened game
  • Terra Nova, the second extra-solar planet to be colonized by humans in the Mass Effect game series, featured in the "Bring Down the Sky" downloadable content
  • Terra Nova, an Earth-colonized planet and the setting of the Heavy Gear series of games
  • Terra Nova (Star Trek planet), one of the first Earth-colonized planets in the fictional Star Trek universe
  • Terra Nova, a fictional colony of humans set 85 million years in the past in the TV series Terra Nova
  • Terra Nova, one of the first planets discovered by the Alphans, after the breakaway with the Earth, featured in the Space: 1999 episode "Matter of Life and Death"
  • Terra Nova, the first planet colonized by humans and their new home after the solar system is destroyed by the sun going supernova in the fictional Nova Refuge universe

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