Terra Rosa (band)

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Terra Rosa
Origin Osaka, Japan
Genres Heavy metal, hard rock, progressive metal
Years active 1982–1992, 2008
Labels Mandrake Root, King Records
Associated acts Dead End, X-Ray, Marino
Past members Kouji Yamaguchi†
Hiromi Suzuki
Jun Itakura
Yuji Adachi
Masaaki Tano
Toshihiro Osaki
Kazue Akao
Masashi Okagaki
Yosuke Miyake

Terra Rosa (テラ・ローザ, Tera Rōza, Portuguese word for "Pink Earth") was a Japanese hard rock band formed by keyboardist Masashi Okagaki and female vocalist Kazue Akao in Osaka in 1982.


Their musical style was notably under the influence of Rainbow. They released three original albums and a live album before they disbanded in 1992.


Original albums[edit]

  • The Endless Basis (1987)
  • Honesty (1989)
  • Sase (1990)


  • Live... Final Class Day (1992, live album)
  • Primal (1999, rare tracks)
  • Terra Rosa of Angry Waves (2008, re-recordings)