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Terrace may refer to:

  • Terrace (agriculture), a leveled surface built into the landscape for agriculture or salt production
  • Terrace (building), a raised flat platform
  • Terrace (geology), a step-like landform that borders a shoreline or river floodplain
  • Terrace garden, an element where a raised flat paved or gravelled section overlooks a prospect
  • Terraced house, a style of housing where identical individual houses are cojoined into rows
  • Terrace (stadium), standing spectator areas, especially in Europe and South America, or the sloping portion of the outfield in a baseball stadium, not necessarily for seating, but for practical or decorative purposes
  • Fluvial terrace, a natural, flat surface that borders and lies above the floodplain of a stream or river
  • Tone terracing in phonetics
  • Terrace melodic motion in music
  • Terrace, a street suffix
  • The roof of a building, especially one accessible to the residents for various purposes
  • A sidewalk cafe


Proper names[edit]

  • Terraces (Bahá'í), nineteen terraces that beautify the Bahá'í Faith's Shrine of the Bab on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel
  • Terrace F. Club, a Princeton University eating club
  • Terrace (board game), an abstract strategy game played on a terraced board
  • St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace, a private Christian Brothers school in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, commonly known as Terrace
  • Mutual Street Arena, originally, Arena Gardens, the first artificial ice rink in Toronto, Canada; it was later converted to a roller skating rink bearing the name "The Terrace"

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