Terraced Village

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Terraced Village
Artist Joaquim Mir
Year circa 1909
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 121 cm × 164 cm (48 in × 65 in)
Location Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona

Terraced Village is a painting by Joaquim Mir currently exhibited at the National Art Museum of Catalonia.


Joaquim Mir is considered one of the best landscape painters in Catalan art. Unlike most of the artists of his generation, Mir never visited Paris and was not directly influenced by the Impressionists. 'Terraced Village', a view of the village of Maspujols (Tarragona province), is one of the artist's most extraordinary paintings, in which the explosion of pure colour is a vivid reflection of his inner feelings. The innovative manner in which he interprets the landscape stems from his great descriptive talent, from an inbred facility for rendering a dazzling atmosphere and from an original way of applying patches of bold and vibrant colours, with harmonious chromatic gradations.[1]


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