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TerraGlyph Interactive Studios was a multi-platform game development studio located in Schaumburg, IL and was founded in 1994. The company was the game development division of the TerraGlyph group of companies, which also includes a feature animation studio in Dublin Ireland, a web/media services division and a business visualization company both located near Chicago, IL.

Terraglyph's main product line consisted of beautifully rendered CDROM-based children's games. Originally, their concept was to create several edutainment games based on classic fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel that were both fun to play as well as developed in 5 different languages for kids to learn new languages as they played. Later, their game development included popular licensed titles such as Kidsongs and TinyToons.

The game development portion of the studio was dissolved by the controlling investors on April 1, 1997 after extremely disappointing sales, even after 4 successful product developments/launches, a 5th product that was 99% finished, and spending several million dollars on a booth at E3 1996.

Games Published[edit]



Nintendo 64

Animated Films (TerraGlyph Productions Dublin)[edit]