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Terran may refer to:




  • Terran (StarCraft), the name given to the exiled humans in the StarCraft science fiction series
  • Terran Republic, the authoritarian government in the Planetside series
  • Terran Federation (Starfire), a government in the Starfire board wargame universe
  • Terrans, a humanoid race from the RTS game Star Command: Revolution
  • Terran Confederation (Wing Commander), the primary human government in the Wing Commander science fiction series
  • Terrans, the human faction from the game Galaxy on Fire
  • Terrans, the human faction from the Solar System in the X series, named so to distinguish them from the descendants of their lost
  • Terran, the humanoid race in the wargaming series Warhammer 40,000.

X-Universe colonies, the Argon

  • Terran, the birthplace of humanity in Forsaken.


  • Tony Terran (1926–2017), Los Angeles session musician and trumpet player
  • Jennifer Terran, American singer-songwriter and pianist
  • Terran Sandwith (born 1972), retired Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who played eight games in the National Hockey League


  • Terran (grape), alternative name used in Eastern Europe for the Mondeuse Noire wine grape

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