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Terran is a demonym derived from "terra", the Latin term for Earth. As an adjective the word describes a person, place, or thing originating from Earth, the planet. Particularly the word is used to describe the people of the Earth, although it may also pertain to other species from Earth. As a noun it denotes a person from Earth.

Terran may also refer to:




  • Terran (StarCraft), the name given to the exiled humans in the StarCraft science fiction series
  • Terran Republic, the authoritarian government in the Planetside series
  • Terran Federation (Starfire), a government in the Starfire board wargame universe
  • Terrans, a humanoid race from the RTS game Star Command: Revolution
  • Terran Confederation (Wing Commander), the primary human government in the Wing Commander science fiction series
  • Terran system, the home star system of Earth located in sector 001 in "Star Trek The Next Generation" episode " Best of Both Worlds" season 3
  • Terrans, the human faction from the game Galaxy on Fire
  • Terran Planet A type of colonizable planet in Sins of a Solar Empire
  • In the infamous Descent franchise features the Post Terran Mining Corporation (PTMC) as a major player


  • Tony Terran (born 1926), Los Angeles session musician and trumpet player
  • Jennifer Terran, American singer-songwriter and pianist
  • Terran Sandwith (born 1972), retired Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who played eight games in the National Hockey League
  • Terran Justice Gregory is a cinematic project director at Blizzard Entertainment for World of Warcraft.


  • Terran (grape), alternative name used in Eastern Europe for the Mondeuse Noire wine grape

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