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Stewart Cowley (born 1947) (also Steven Caldwell, Hubert Venables) is a British writer and artist, best known for his works in the "Terran Trade Authority" universe.[1][2]

Terran Trade Authority[edit]

The original four books are:[3]

  • Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD (by Stewart Cowley, 1978) (UK ISBN 060038439X and US ISBN 0890092117 Editions) [SC1]
  • Great Space Battles (by Stewart Cowley and Charles Herridge, 1979) (UK ISBN 0600383687/US ISBN 0890092605) [GSB]
  • SpaceWreck: Ghost Ships and Derelicts of Space (by Stewart Cowley, 1979) (UK ISBN 0600329909/US ISBN 0896730220) [SW]
  • Starliners: Commercial Travel in 2200 AD (by Stewart Cowley, 1980) (UK ISBN 0600353575/US ISBN 0896730700) [SL]

In addition, the books Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD and Great Space Battles were collected together and published as Spacebase 2000 (1984, UK ISBN 0600385469/US ISBN 0312749406).

In 2005-2006 the series was republished as:

  • Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD (by K. Scott Agnew, Jeff Lilly & Stewart Cowley) (July–August 2006) (Book info ISBN 097801510X) [SC2]
  • Local Space: A Guide to the TTA Universe (October 2006)
  • The Terran Trade Authority Roleplaying Game (by K. Scott Agnew & Jeff Lilly, with foreword by Stewart Cowley) (October 2006) (Book info ISBN 0978015118)


Composer Jonn Serrie cited the series as an inspiration for a number of his own works, and said the art in the series, "came from the portfolios of some of the finest space artists in the world".[4]

Galactic Encounters[edit]

This series of six books was written by Stewart Cowley under the pseudonym "Steven Caldwell", for Intercontinental Book Productions (republished by Crescent Books in the US). The Galactic Encounters series was set in roughly the same universe as the official TTA books and was created partly using art rejected for inclusion in the official TTA books.


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