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Terranova (band)

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Terranova is a German band based between Berlin and Paris made up of current members Fetisch and &me. Terranova are signed to Kompakt records. Terranova was formed in 1996 by Fetisch, Marco Meister and Kaos. They previously went under the moniker Turntable Terranova on the Compost label and sometimes as Edition Terranova. Their music is a fusion of punk rock, electronic, hip hop and House. They currently reside between Paris and Berlin and perform DJ sets worldwide. They have been constant collaborators with artists in the past, Cath Coffey, Nicolette Krebitz, Tricky, Ari Up, Mike Ladd, Khan, Snax, Billie Ray Martin e.a.


Terranova began after previous member Shapemod left Los Angeles from studying guitar to Berlin where he met Fetisch at the Pogo Club when they began producing together. Their first release, in 1996, was a 12" record entitled "Fiasko". The "Antimatter EP" was also released the same year. It wasn't until 1997 when they released the 12" record "Tokyo Tower" that brought Terranova into the British press. On 19 January 1998, Terranova released their take on DJ mix album, DJ-Kicks which gained them further recognition and is regarded as one of the best and most loved in the highly respected series. Remixes for Fanatik, Jungle Brothers and Stereo MCs followed soon after, among many others. In 1999 Terranova released the singles "Turn Around" feat. Cath Coffey and "Just Enough" feat. Nicolette Krebitz. Photographer Juergen Teller made his first foray into film direction for the band's accompanying video for the track "Just Enough". Terranova released their debut LP Close the Door in the same year with Copasetik. Close the Door featured guest vocals from Stereo MCs member, Cath Coffey on tracks "Turn Around", "Midnight Melodic (Chase the Blues)" and "Sweet Bitter Love". From the same label Rasco featured on tracks "X-Files" and "Midnight Melodic". Bristol artist Tricky appeared on "Bombing Bastards". And Nicolette Krebitz sang on "Never," "Plastic Stress," and "Just Enough". She also features on the cover and in the sleeve of the same album.

Terranova left their Copasetik label to join !K7 Records (the same label DJ Kicks albums are released). They remained on this label and released their second LP Hitchhiking Nonstop with no Particular Destination in 2002. Cath Coffey returned for tracks "Out of My Head" and "Breathe." Mike Ladd raps on "Sublime" and "Heroes." And Ari Up of The Slits appears on "Mongril" and "Equal Rights". Soon after they released Peace Is Tough, a companion album for Hitchhiking Nonstop with no Particular Destination by remixing five new tracks with six new versions of previously released tracks which were only available on vinyl or in limited editions.

2004 saw a change of label for Terranova, this time to the popular Ministry of Sound. And a new album, Digital Tenderness. 2005 Terranova produced "the Lotterboys" (featuring Paris the black fu, Fetisch Terranova and shapemod). The Lotterboys album "animalia" was released the same year on Eskimo recs. In 2007 Fetisch teamed up with &me, a producer and dj from Berlin. They produced 'Terranova presents the Lottergirls together with Princess Superstar (Ministry of Sound 2008). 2007 Terranova produced "the Lottergirls" (featuring Princess Superstar, Fetisch Terranova, yoyo, &me). The Lottergirls album "right on" was released in 2008 on ministry of sound. 2008 Terranova produced "Fetisch&me". 2 singles were released the same year on Gigolo recs ("black palms" and "the calling").

Terranova have recently signed to Cologne-based label Kompakt. Their 2011 EP I Want To Go Out/Take My Hand was released on Kompakt. In February 2012, their fifth studio album 'Hotel Amour' was released on Kompakt.

Fetisch has collaborated with the cosmetics brand to create a nail polish as part of their DJ line, and created a special music mix for this collaboration.



Year Album Additional information Label
1997 DJ-Kicks: Terranova DJ mix album !K7 Records
1999 Close The Door Debut album Copasetik Recording
2002 Hitchhiking Non-Stop With No Particular Destination Second Studio album !K7 Records
2002 B-Sides & Remix Sessions A collection of B-Sides of remixes Copasetik Recording
2003 Peace Is Tough Third studio album: Companion CD !K7 Records
2004 Digital Tenderness Fourth studio album Ministry of Sound
2012 Hotel Amour Fifth studio album Kompakt
2014 Hotel Amour: Nightporter Remix album Kompakt
2015 Restless Sixth studio album Kompakt

Singles and EPs[edit]

Year Song Album
1996 Fiasko -
1997 Tokyo Tower B-Sides & Remix Sessions


1997 Contact DJ KiCKS:
1999 Just Enough Close The Door

B-Sides & Remix Sessions

1999 Turn Around Close The Door
2000 Chase the Blues Close The Door
2001 Pogo EP -
2002 Running Away Peace is Tough
2002 Mongril Hitchhiking Non-Stop With No Particular Destination
2002 Sublime Hitchhiking Non-Stop With No Particular Destination
2004 Common Grounds EP -
2004 Common Grounds EP Digital Tenderness
2004 The Real Thing EP Digital Tenderness
2004 Das Plan Digital Tenderness


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