Terras Salgadas

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Terras Salgadas
Terras Salgadas in the north of the island Maio
Locationnorthernmost part of Maio

Terras Salgadas (Portuguese meaning "salty lands") is a vast natural area covering the northwestern part of the island of Maio, Cape Verde. It is part of the protected area Parque Natural do Norte da Ilha do Maio.[1] It is the largest saline ecosystem of the whole archipelago, characterized by imposing sand dunes.[1] The area is rich in endemic species of sea birds, fish and sea turtles.[2][3] The nearest settlements are Morrinho, Cascabulho and Santo António. As "saline" (French) and "zoutpan" (Dutch) it was mentioned in the 1747 map by Jacques-Nicolas Bellin.[4]

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Coordinates: 15°17′N 23°11′W / 15.29°N 23.18°W / 15.29; -23.18