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Terrashima was an English musical band, formed in Derby, England in 2000.


The group released their first single, 'Losing My Grip', on Blast First in 2002 which the NME gave 8/10.[1] Terrashima were well regarded for their chaotic live shows which seemed to blend well with their high charged garage rock style of music. Shortly after this Sickroom Gramophone Collective Records released a Terrashima entitled 'Dirty Lie' which was a limited released available on 7" vinyl[2] They were booked for a John Peel Session Live that December.[3] On Peel's show, he described Terrashima's sound as 'rousing vulgarity of the kind we crave on this programme', and said, 'I do like the racket they make.' The set list for the Peel session was 50 Reasons To Bomb America / War Machine / Say Your Prayers / Trapped Inside.[4]

The Band[edit]

The bane featured Mark Ibbotson (vocals), Ryan DelGaudio (guitar), Michael Cross (bass) and Daniel Montague (drums), replacing Andy, the original drummer.


However, by 2004 Mark left the band due to mental problems and delusions of grandeur and the band continued as a three-piece with Ryan, guitarist taking up vocals. As a three-piece they recorded an album for the Artrocker label. For reasons unknown the album was never released. Ryan and Mike decided to take the music further and went on to form The Swarm with Callum Thompson (vocals), Olly Toogood (noises and black boxes) and Scott Sandham (live visuals) who mixed visuals and electronics to a dark soundscape that echoed The Birthday Party and Jesus Lizard. They released the LP 'Red Paint On The Odessa Steps' on the Fight Me Records label in 2005.[5] After a year or so, The Swarm split through musical differences and Ryan left to form The Cult Of Dom Keller, whilst Mike and Callum formed Wander Phantom, Dan is now the drummer in Fixit Kid whilst the whereabouts of Scott are unknown.


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