Terre des Hommes

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Terre des hommes, or Terre des Hommes may refer to:

  • Terre des hommes (literally: land of men, or land of people), the 1939 philosophical memoir by French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (titled in English as Wind, Sand and Stars).
  • Terre des hommes, a charitable international humanitarian organization based in Geneva.
  • Terre des Hommes, the central theme of the 1967 international exposition in Montreal, Canada, Expo 67, the most successful world's fair of the 20th century. The theme was derived from the 1939 memoir by French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
  • Terre des Hommes, the annual seasonal fair held for several years in Montreal, Canada after the conclusion of the Expo 67 international World's Fair.
  • Terre des Hommes, a French literary magazine published for 23 weekly issues after the Second World War.
  • Terre des hommes, an album by Mitsou.