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Terri Lynn Weaver
Terri Lynn Weaver2007.jpg
Member of the Tennessee House of Representatives
from the 40th district
Assumed office
January 13, 2009
Preceded by Rep. Frank Buck (D)
Personal details
Born (1957-09-19) September 19, 1957 (age 56)[1]
Mansfield, Ohio, United States
Political party Republican[1]
Spouse(s) Mike Weaver[1]
Children 1[1]
Residence Lancaster, Tennessee[1]
Occupation Singer, Songwriter, Small Business Owner, and Politician[1]
Religion Non-Denominational[1]
Website Terri Lynn Weaver
Representative Weaver

Terri Lynn Weaver (born September 19, 1957)[1] also known simply as Terri Lynn is a resident of Lancaster, Tennessee and a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives for the 40th district, which is composed of DeKalb, Smith, and Macon counties. Rep. Weaver has also been well known for her many accomplishments in singing and songwriting.


Early life and career[edit]

Weaver was born in Mansfield, Ohio, United States. It was there she performed before her first audience. In an old school auditorium she sang "You Are My Sunshine" and improvised new lyrics on the spot. With the impression she made on the audience including her mother there was no doubt that a legend had been born.

It was in the mid-1970s that, at the invitation of her aunt, she moved to Dallas, Texas. Having been raised on a farm in Mansfield she was quite impressed with the hustle and bustle of the big city. After about three months of seeing the sites she knew she need to get to work. So her uncle introduced her to Asa, the manager of a club he frequented called "Daddy's Money", where she became a cocktail waitress.

Having only known beer and wine, it became a whole new experience. However she was able to learn fast and became a good cocktail waitress working 11:00-7:00, lunch and "Happy Hour". "Disco was the happen' thing at the time, the Saturday Night Fever stuff of which I was never a fan of," says Weaver. "Happy Hour" was a DJ on a record machine. Weaver asked the manager if he would be interested in letting her play guitar and sing during one of the "Happy Hour" slots. The manager agreed and it was successful enough for her Dallas debut. She added players until it formed a trio. That lasted well enough until they started a band. They grew too big for the club to support on its own, but Weaver remembers her humble roots fondly and the opportunity Asa gave her to play her music.

The band was called "Terri Lynn and Texas Tea", consisting of five gentlemen and herself. They played drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, steel guitar, fiddle, mandolin and she played rhythm guitar. They played a number of clubs and other gigs over the next few years, but it wasn't until a friend at a radio station introduced her to the music of EmmyLou Harris that she discovered her own style, "a girl and her guitar."[2] Weaver continued to work as a waitress during the week and book music gigs on the weekends.

It was while she was waitressing at a club called Barny Ol'fields, on Mockingbird Lane, that she would meet Mike. She explained she was actually a singer, and invited him to see her at the "Grapevine Opry" in Grapevine Texas that Friday and Saturday night. Expecting not to see him again she was happily surprised, and remembers the night vividly. "I really never expected to see him again. But who was sitting directly in the front row right below center stage? My newest and biggest fan, Mike Weaver. He came back stage to tell me, "You really are a singer." It was a memorable night, the band, the crowd, and the song I sang, "To Daddy" by EmmyLou Harris."[2] Mike Weaver has since been an inspiration in her career, even encouraging her to sing to him in while on trips in the car. They married on June 23, 1979.


Terri Lynn Weaver posted a photo onto Facebook with her standing next to her Pastor, who was dressed as Aunt Jemima in full Blackface, and left the comment, "“Aunt Jemima, you is so sweet.” In her apology, she claimed "“I'm the least racist of anyone. Some of my greatest friends are black." [3]

Representative Weaver[edit]

Terri Lynn Weaver Tennesse House Seat desk.JPG

Mrs. Terri Lynn Weaver ran a tough campaign against incumbent Rep. Frank Buck (D) in 2006.[4] Though Rep. Buck retained his seat in the house he later announced he would not run again.[5] Weaver was able to run another campaign the following election.

Representative Terri Lynn Weaver was elected to the 40th district of the Tennessee House of Representatives from 2008 to present filling the vacant seat of Rep. Frank Buck (D)[6] She serves in the 106th General Assembly as a member of the House Agriculture Committee, the House Children & Family Affairs Committee, the House Education Committee, the House K-12 Subcommittee, and the House Domestic Relations Subcommittee.[1]

Rep. Weaver was indirectly responsible for the surprise 2009 Tennessee House of Representatives election of TNGA House Speaker Kent Williams, R-Elizabethton (and concurrently, the defeat of Rep. Jason Mumpower, R-Bristol) as Weaver's first vote within the House of Representatives sided with the Tennessee House Democrats on the recess motion prior to the January 14, 2009 vote for the Speaker of the House.[7] The Tennessee House Republicans tried to block the recess, but lost on a 50-49 vote.

Community involvement[edit]

Representative Weaver was previously chairman of Farm Bureau and is currently Vice Chairman of the Smith County Republican Party and Chairman of Smith County Republican Women. She is also a member of the Smith County Chamber of Commerce,[8] the local Rotary Club, and the National Rifle Association. Her musical talent lends her involvement as Chairman of the Lancaster Independence Day Parade and Host Musician of the Annual Christmas Eve Service.[1][2]


Hymns from the Hills[edit]

Hymns from the Hills
Studio album by Terri Lynn
Released January 9, 1996 (U.S.)[9][10]
March 4, 1996 Audio Cassette
Genre Gospel[9]
Length 38:54
Label Intersound[9]
No. Title Length
1. "It Is Well"   2:45
2. "In the Garden"   4:46
3. "Victory In Jesus"   4:10
4. "Softly and Tenderly"   4:17
5. "Power In the Blood"   5:15
6. "Standing on the Promises"   3:23
7. "What a Friend We Have In Jesus"   3:59
8. "Amazing Grace"   3:23
9. "Blessed Assurance"   6:50

Inside a Tear[edit]

Inside a Tear
Studio album by Terri Lynn
Released January 1993 (U.S.)[11]
January 9, 1996 Audio CD
Genre Country[11]
Length 38:24
Label Intersound[11]
No. Title Length
1. "Oklahoma Front Porch Band"   3:23
2. "Mama Prays"   3:21
3. "Silver Gray and Quiet Days"   3:15
4. "Inside a Tear"   4:28
5. "My Pearls"   5:00
6. "Standing on the Promises"   3:23
7. "A Little Room to Grow"   3:40
8. "Just Married"   3:02
9. "Red Ropers"   3:32
10. "Beside Still Waters"   4:19
11. "He's the One on the White Horse"   4:18

The Only Life for Me[edit]

The Only Life for Me
Studio album by Terri Lynn
Released March 14, 1995 (U.S.)[9]
Genre Country[9]
Length 34:21
Label Intersound[9]
No. Title Length
1. "Send the Light"   2:35
2. "No Shadow"   3:18
3. "This Is the Only Life for Me"   3:16
4. "Fearless"   3:32
5. "No Stranger to Treason"   3:37
6. "Forever"   4:00
7. "Yielded and Still"   3:30
8. "Letting Go"   3:38
9. "Take It from a Friend"   3:34
10. "Face to Face"   3:21

Faithful Witness[edit]

Faithful Witness
Studio album by Terri Lynn
Genre Country
Label Caney Fork
No. Title Length
1. "Mist on the Caney (Instrumental)"   1:35
2. "Creation"   4:10
3. "What I am Without"   4:07
4. "Comae Away"   3:32
5. "Only Me"   3:05
6. "It's Enough to Break Your Heart"   3:20
7. "Hidden Things"   4:00
8. "Crickets Waltzing (Instrumental)"   0:46
9. "The First Dance"   3:18
10. "Fairest of Ten Thousand"   4:08
11. "Strong God"   3:20
12. "No Looking Back"   3:05
13. "Moon over the Caney"   1:34

Live from the Living Room[edit]

Live from the Living Room
Studio album by Terri Lynn Weaver
Recorded May 22–28, 2000
Genre Country[12]
Label Caney Fork[12]
Producer Justin Michael Weaver, Terri Lynn Weaver
No. Title Length
1. "Weekly Meetin' Intro"   0:37
2. "Down in the Valley to Pray"   2:07
3. "Joy in My Heart"   2:00
4. "You're So Good for Me"   3:57
5. "River of Jordan"   2:58
6. "Wretched Chains"   4:39
7. "Were the Soul of Man Never Dies"   1:35
8. "Alone With Jesus"   3:22
9. "The Next Mountain Top"   2:58
10. "Oh, I Want to See Him"   2:47
11. "Wherever I Go"   3:55
12. "Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us"   1:39

Other albums[edit]

  • Collections (1999)

Other accomplishments[edit]

Terri Lynn is an accomplished singer-songwriter with three number one gospel songs and a female singer and entertainer of the year award 1993.[13]


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