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The Terrific Three was the name of a group of superheroes; it was an offshoot of the group known as The Mighty Crusaders, published by Archie Comics. The Terrific Three were Steel Sterling, The Jaguar, and Mr. Justice. The group only appeared in Mighty Crusaders #4 and 5.

  • Steel Sterling was the alter ego of John Sterling, who, after his father’s fortune was swindled by criminals, plunged his body into a cauldron of molten metal, giving him the powers of super strength, ferrokinesis (the psychic generation and manipulation of magnetic currents), invulnerability and flight. Steel Sterling’s nemeses included the Black Knight and Baron Gestapo (a World War II-era foe, as his name indicates), as well as Twisto, the Puppet Master, the Rattler, and the Hyena. He first appeared in Zip Comics #1 (February, 1940), and was created by writer Abner Sundell and artist Charles Biro.
  • The Jaguar was a zoologist named Ralph Hardy who used a magic belt to fight crime. Wearing the belt, he gained telepathic dominion over animals, paranormal strength, and flight. His comic lasted fifteen issues.
  • Mr. Justice, also known as “The Royal Wraith,” was the superhero moniker of Prince James of England, who was murdered by rebels in the 18th century. His spirit remained trapped in the castle where the murder took place until 1940. The dismantled castle was to be shipped to the United States until a Nazi submarine sunk the ship on which it was carried, thereby releasing the spirit of Prince James. He assumed corporeal form as “Mr. Justice,” and his main nemesis was Satan himself. He first appeared in Blue Ribbon Comics #9 (February, 1941), and was created by writer Joe Blair and artist Sam Cooper.

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