Terror Is a Man

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Terror Is a Man
Poster of the movie Terror Is a Man.jpg
Directed by Gerardo de Leon
Produced by Kane W. Lynn (producer)
Eddie Romero (producer)
Written by Paul Harber (writer)
H.G. Wells (novel The Island of Dr. Moreau)[citation needed] (uncredited)
Starring See below
Music by Ariston Avelino
Cinematography Emmanuel I. Rojas
Edited by Gervacio Santos
Release date
  • 1959 (1959)
Running time
89 minutes
Country Philippines/United States
Language English

Terror Is a Man is a 1959 Filipino/American horror film directed by Gerardo de Leon. The film was also known as Blood Creature when rereleased in the US.


A lone survivor of a shipwreck washes up on Blood Island. William Fitzgerald (Richard Derr) is found by Dr. Charles Girard (Francis Lederer), a scientist who has set up a laboratory on the island with his wife, Frances Girard (Greta Thyssen), and assistant Walter Perrera (Oscar Keesee). The island's natives are scared of Dr. Girard, due to his strange ideas about the link between man and animals, and leave the island. The doctor has experimented on a panther, changing it into a half-man/half-panther beast which escapes and goes on a rampage. Fitzgerald and Frances fall in love and have to deal with the escaped creature, the mad Dr. Girard and the sadistic Walter. The creature is recaptured but escapes again, killing Walter and Dr. Girard before falling off a cliff.


  • Francis Lederer as Dr. Charles Girard
  • Greta Thyssen as Frances Girard
  • Richard Derr as William Fitzgerald
  • Oscar Keesee as Walter Perrera
  • Lilia Duran as Selene
  • Peyton Keesee as Tiago - the Boy
  • Flory Carlos as Beast-Man


The working titles of the film were Creature from Blood Island, The Gory Creatures, Island of Terror and Gore Creature. According to the onscreen credits, the film was shot entirely in Manila, Philippines.[1]


The film was released in the USA on November 1959. It was re-released on February 5, 1965.

In Mexico, it was released on June 1, 1967.


Reception for the film has been mostly negative. It currently holds a "Rotten" rating from five reviews on Rotten Tomatoes .[2]

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