Terror of the Stratus

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Terror of the Stratus
Senritsu no Sutoratasu PSP cover.png
Terror of the Stratus cover art
Developer(s) Nude Maker
Publisher(s) Konami
Composer(s) Nobuko Toda
Ludvig Forssell
Platform(s) PlayStation Portable
  • JP: October 27, 2011
Genre(s) Action RPG
Mode(s) Single-player

Terror of the Stratus, released in Japan as Senritsu no Stratus (戦律のストラタス), is an action video game developed by Nude Maker and published by Konami for the PlayStation Portable.[1] It was released in Japan on October 27, 2011.[2][3]


The game has two different main gameplay modes. In "extermination mode", the game plays much like a 3D third person shooter, while in "defense mode", the game plays like a 2D sidescroller.[3][2]


The game was first announced by Konami in May 2011.[4][1] It was announced to be made by developer Nude Maker, who had previously developed Infinite Space with PlatinumGames, and Steel Battalion prior to that.[5]

On October 20, 2011, a demo of the game was released on the Japanese PlayStation Network, allowing the first chapter of the game to be played.[6]

The game was released digitally on the PlayStation Network, and physically at retail. The retail version exclusively came with a sixteen-page artbook by character designer Katsumi Enami.[5]

Reception and sales[edit]

The game charted as the ninth best-selling game during it first week of release, selling 15,623 copies.[7]


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