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Terrorism in Norway includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following terrorism attacks and threats.

List of terrorist incidents and plots in Norway[edit]

Date Type Dead Injured Details Perpetrator
1965 Bombings 0 Several Several people were hurt by hand grenades and dynamite in Oslo by an unknown person.[1] Lone wolf (terrorism) (suspected)
1973 Attempted attack 0 0 The terror threat during the 1973 oil crisis. A Palestinian terror group was present in Norway, ready to strike against an oil refinery outside Tønsberg. Police raised the alarm after learning of the plot, causing the group to withdraw (the group instead attacked an oil installation in Singapore).[2] Palestinian terror group
1976 Attempted terror plot 0 0 In Stortorvet, two Mexican brothers were arrested and suspected to be left-wing terrorists and planning to create a terror organisation in Europe. They were later arrested in Denmark and Sweden for terrorist offences, including a plan by Tomas to kidnap Sweden's labour minister Anna-Greta Leijon. They were eventually expelled to Mexico and Cuba.[3] Tomas and Jaime Okusono Martinez
1977 Bombing 0 0 A bookstore in Tromsø belonging to the Workers' Communist Party was severely damaged by a powerful bomb containing 10 kg of dynamite.[4][5] Two people narrowly avoided death as they left the room shortly before the explosion.[6] Unknown
1979 Bombing 0 4 A Right-wing political activist launched a bomb attack against a May Day workers' gathering in Oslo.[7] Petter Kristian Kyvik
1982 Bombing 1 11 The 1982 Oslo Central Station bombing, killing one person and injuring 11 others. An 18-year-old was convicted, claiming he had extorted the Norwegian State Railways.[8] Lone Wolf
1984 Bombing 0 0 The telecommunications bunker in Frogner Park was bombarded and completely destroyed with dynamite. Neo-fascists were thought to have perpetrated it. The authorities hid this from the public for a whole year as the telephone exchange contained equipment related to NATO.[9] Norwegian Front (suspected)
1985 Bombing 0 1 In 1985 the Ahmadiyya Muslim Nor mosque at Frogner in Oslo was blasted with dynamite. A woman at 38 years got shock and smoke damage. The bomb was detonated by an activist from the National People's Party, which resulted in several other people from the party being arrested by the police. The arrested were also accused of bombing the Frogner Park telephone exchange in 1984 (see above).[10][citation needed] Right-wing extremists
1985 Hijacking 0 0 Braathens SAFE Flight 139 was hijacked.[11] Stein Arvid Huseby
1988 Attempted bombing 0 0 A time bomb made of 5 kg of dynamites was discovered at an asylum centre in Evje.[12] Unknown
1990 Bombing 0 0 Neo-Nazis were suspected of a bomb attack against the Blitz house on 21 August.[13][14] Neo-nazis (suspected)
1993 Shooting, assassination attempt 0 1 In 1993 Aschehoug chief William Nygaard was shot three times in the back but survived. The attack is believed to be a result of Nygaard publishing and defending Salman Rushdie's controversial novel The Satanic Verses. Harald Stanghelle characterized the assassination as state terrorism. A fatwa was issued against the author and all translators and publishers who assisted in publishing the book. Nygaard himself had no doubt that Iran was behind the attack.[15]
1994 Bombing 0 0 Neo-Nazis were suspected of another bomb attack against the Blitz house on 24 August 1994.[16][17] Neo-nazis (suspected)
1994 Hijacking 0 0 Scandinavian Airlines System Flight 347 was hijacked.[18] Haris Keč
1995 Bombing 0 0 Bombs were thrown at the Blitz house on 9 November.[19][not specific enough to verify] Neo-nazis (suspected)[citation needed]
1999 Fire bombs 0 0 Fire bombs were thrown in Oslo in a racially motivated attack on 19 September.[20][not specific enough to verify] Right-wing extremists (suspected)[citation needed]
2003 Bombing 0 0 A power charged dynamite exploded outside a Word of Truth church in Slemmestad.[21] Serious damage was made to the building and its surroundings.[22] Unknown
2006 Arrest 0 13 (arrested) In 2006 the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) in cooperation with Italian police expelled thirteen members of the Islamist terror organisation GSPC from Norway.[23][better source needed] Al-Qaeda
2009 Police raid, arrest 0 25 (arrested) In 2009 the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) actioned against 25 Islamists thought to have planned terror in Norway.[23] Islamists
2010 Arrest 0 3 (arrested) The 2010 Norway terror plot in which three Islamists were arrested and later convicted for terror plans.[24] Al-Qaeda (suspected)
22 July, 2011 Shooting, bombing 77 319 The 2011 attacks, in which 77 people were killed and at least 319 injured in two sequential lone wolf attacks by Anders Behring Breivik.[25] Anders Behring Breivik
26 March, 2012 Terror threats 0 0 On 26 March 2012, the Norwegian Islamist Mullah Krekar was sentenced to 5 years in prison for making death threats. He appealed and on the same day Krekar was re-arrested for making threats against two Kurds and the Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg.[26] Mullah Krekar
July, 2014 Attempted terror plot 0 0 The 2014 terror threat by jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) which caused extraordinary short-term security measures in Norway.[27][28] Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
8 April, 2017 Attempted bombing 0 0 On 8 April 2017 in the aftermath of the 2017 Stockholm attack, a man was arrested and part of the Grønland district of Oslo closed off by police after a "bomb-like" device was found. The device was later demolished in a controlled explosion.[29] The man, a 17-year-old Russian citizen, was charged on 9 April with illegal possession of an explosive device. The man arrived in Norway as an asylum seeker in 2010, and was known to the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) for having expressed support for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.[30] Islamic State (suspected)
17 January, 2019 Knife attack, stabbing 0 1 On 17 January a woman was attacked with a knife inside a supermarket in Oslo. A 20-year-old Russian man was arrested shortly after the attack. The woman was critically injured and was taken to the hospital. The police investigate possible links to Islamist extremism. According to the police, the suspect said the act was a terror attack and that he intended to kill several people. He travelled from Sweden to Norway the day of the attack.[31][32] Islamist (suspected)

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