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Terry Blackwood is a contemporary Christian musician who is best known as lead singer for Christian pop act The Imperials. He was with the group for nearly a decade, joining in 1967 and remaining with them through 1976. At that time, he left the group along with fellow Imperial Sherman Andrus to form Andrus, Blackwood and Company, one of the only racially integrated groups in contemporary Christian music at the time. They recorded 6 albums together between 1977 and 1986.


Terry Blackwood is the son of Doyle Blackwood, original co-founder of the Blackwood Brothers Qt. Terry's distinctive vocal styling has been featured on many chart topping singles while associated with two highly acclaimed vocal groups, The Imperials and Andrus, Blackwood & Co. He was a featured soloist on many Gaither Homecoming videos.

Terry is performing with the Imperials in the US and around the world. Their association with Elvis Presley opened many doors for them to sing their gospel songs and they are being received very well. They released a six-song sampler entitled Gospel Ship. He released five digitally re-mastered albums of Andrus, Blackwood & Co. Soldier Of The Light, Step Out Of The Night, ABC Live, Grand Opening, and Following You, nominated for a Grammy award in 1978.

Terry had a solo album released in November, 2011 called Anthology.


From Christian Music Archive

  • Oh What A Savior 1962
  • The New Stamps Qt 1963
  • What A Day That Will Be 1964
  • Introducing the Memphians 1965
  • Doyle Blackwood and the Memphians 1966
  • New Dimensions (Imperials) 1967
  • Imperials Now (Imperials) 1968
  • Love Is The Thing (Imperials) 1969
  • Gospel Is Alive and Well (Imperials) 1970
  • Time To Get It Together (Imperials) 1971
  • The Imperials (Imperials) 1972
  • Imperials Live (Imperials) 1973
  • Follow The Man with the Music (Imperials) 1974
  • No Shortage (Imperials) 1975
  • Just Because (Imperials) 1976
  • Keep Holding On 1976
  • Grand Opening 1977
  • Following You 1978
  • Live 1980
  • Soldiers of the Light 1981
  • Step Out of the Night 1982
  • Holiday 1984
  • Best of Andrus, Blackwood and Company 1984
  • Hymns and Classics 1993
  • Friends IV An Offering 1997
  • A Blackwood Homecoming 2000
  • Friends IV One Voice 2002
  • From The Heart 2003
  • The Gospel Side of Elvis (Imperials) 2003
  • Gospel Ship 2006
  • If My People - The Single 2012
  • The Journey 2016
  • The Way 2022

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