Terry Draper

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Terry Draper
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Rock, pop, progressive rock
Years active 1973–1982, 1988, 1997-present
Labels Daffodil Records
Capitol Records (US)

Terry Edward Draper is a Canadian musician who was the drummer and one of three songwriters for the 1970s progressive rock band Klaatu.[1]


Before becoming a successful musician, Draper had a construction business with a speciality in roofing.[1]

Draper co-wrote the song "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft", which was not only successful with his band Klaatu, but it also became a Top-40 hit, when The Carpenters re-made it in 1977.[2] Draper also co-wrote the Klaatu song "December Dream" in 1981, which was a tribute to John Lennon.

He went on to record several solo albums in his home studio in Oak Ridges, Ontario after the break-up of the band in 1981. His former Klaatu bandmates Dee Long and John Woloschuk made appearances on his album Light Years Later, in 1997.[3]

Later on in the 1980s he returned to his roofing business, and then developed a career as a restaurateur alongside his continued music work.[1]

Solo releases[edit]

Bullseye Records of Canada:

  • Light Years Later (1997)
  • Live... Years Later: From the Cue to the 'Shoe (1997)
  • Terrytoons Presents: Can You Pretend (1999)
  • Civil War (And Other Love Songs) (2001)
  • Civil War (Not Very) (2001)
  • Furzall Family (2002)
  • Aria 52 - A Five Year Mission (2004)
  • Stranded (2010)
  • When the World Was Young (2014)
  • Searching (2016)
  • Remarkable Women (2017)


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